Windows Phone 7 unlocking tool now available

Windows Phone 7 unlocking tool now available
ChevronWP7 is here, the first Windows Phone 7 unlocking tool.

As with tools used to "jailbreak" iOS devices, the purpose of ChevronWP7 is to give users a chance to install homebrew and unsigned applications on their smartphones.

Reads the post from Rafael Rivera, Chris Walsh and Long Zheng:
Today we have an exciting breakthrough for the Windows Phone 7 homebrew community - the ability for anyone to unlock a WP7 device without a Marketplace developer account.

Unlocking allows the sideloading of experimental applications that would otherwise can’t be published to the Marketplace, such as those which access private or native APIs.

We’ve taken the pain out of the process involved and put together a super simple executable that will allow anyone to unlock any WP7 device on the market using a USB cable and just a couple clicks.

This tool is completely safe and reversible for the phone. (The app even allows you to relock the phone.)

Of course, being a first release, the team warns there may be some bugs or errors with the software.

The team also does not condone piracy, and says:
ChevronWP7 is not an enabler for piracy
Our tool only enables functionality inside every Windows Phone 7 device designed and implemented by Microsoft. We do not make any modifications to the operating system.

If you have a Windows Phone 7 device and want to try out the unlocker, visit the team's official site here:

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 26 Nov 2010 2:18
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  • Zealousi

    hahaha that did not take long. Well a lot less then the iPhone lol


    26.11.2010 21:10 #1

  • KillerBug

    Microsoft must really love hackers...they make it so easy!

    27.11.2010 08:34 #2

  • juventini

    Originally posted by KillerBug: Microsoft must really love hackers...they make it so easy! LMAO!

    Forza Juve!!

    28.11.2010 16:57 #3

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