Verizon prices 4G data plans

Verizon prices 4G data plans
Verizon has priced their LTE 4G data plans this week, a few days before the carrier begins rolling out the fast network in the United States.

The network will be 10 times faster than current 3G speeds from the carrier.

Verizon has made it clear that, while fast, the data plans will not be cheap. A 5GB plan will cost $50 per month, and a 10GB plan will cost $80.

The carrier says it expects users will see real-world down speeds of 5-12Mbps and uploads of 2-5Mbps.

"Beginning Sunday, Verizon Wireless is making the best network even better," adds Verizon CEO Dan Mead. "Our initial 4G LTE launch gives customers access to the fastest and most advanced mobile network in America and immediately reaches more than one-third of all Americans, right where they live. That's just the start. We will quickly expand 4G LTE, and by 2013 will reach the existing Verizon Wireless 3G coverage area."

At launch, the 4G access will be available through two USB modems only, but smartphones with the capability will hit the market next year.

Verizon expects to rollout the service to 38 cities and 60 airports by the end of the year.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 1 Dec 2010 18:38
Verizon 4G lte
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  • Zealousi

    Can't wait for Aus to get this too, been under development for a while now. Can't be far off

    1.12.2010 19:32 #1

  • xtend

    don't get your hopes up for next to nothing.
    4g is just smoke and mirrors

    1.12.2010 19:45 #2

  • KillerBug

    Originally posted by xtend: don't get your hopes up for next to nothing.
    4g is just smoke and mirrors
    Wow...that took them a long time to post...just posted today? I was b***hing about this stuff 6 months ago.

    1.12.2010 22:40 #3

  • harhumph

    OK, so faster speeds imply you will use it more often and use more data, only 10gb for $80? what a rip. I'll stick with my relatively fast T-Mobile for $30.00 a month and unlimited data. My Cox at home is only $50.00 a month and is obviously way faster than any cell phone provider and is unlimited too. Those two combined slay Verizon's overpriced poo poo.

    2.12.2010 13:11 #4

  • ThePastor

    That's insanely expensive ... I hope no one buys it.

    Unfortunately for them, all Blu-ray protections have been broken and BD rips can be found around the Internet, usually before the retail even hits shelves.

    2.12.2010 14:48 #5

  • ZeusAV

    Their prices are crazy. This is why I stick to T-Mobile. Data is unlimited and HSPA+ is pretty fast.

    2.12.2010 19:57 #6

  • lissenup2

    Totally smoke and mirrors. Besides, LTE or "Long Term Evolution" is just an expandable system in order to incorporate future technologies too.

    4G is lame and what's the point? What moron is going to look to have mega download speeds unless they're pirating rampantly? One will NEVER notice when using such services like Youtube on their phones and those that do that are among the most ridiculous fanatics.

    Verizon should be biting the bullet on this and increase a little rather than a lot. 50 bucks for 5Gb is a fuc*ing rip. That means 69.00 for unlimited calls and another 50 on top of that. Only losers without social skills need internet that often and that much.

    2.12.2010 22:02 #7

  • m3incorp

    None of the carriers have true 4G. It's all marketing. There is no way I would pay the prices they are asking as long as there is a such thing as home internet, hotspots, etc.

    3.12.2010 03:39 #8

  • KillerBug

    4G isn't is great, amazing...and it would change the world if it came out. Maybe one day someone will actually offer it...but it won't be very soon; you can't even get full speed 3G yet...and the fastest fake 4G offered isn't even as fast as full speed 3G!

    If the grocery store was selling dozen-egg cartons which only contained 2 eggs, and then they started selling 1000-egg cartons with only 7 eggs, people would be a lot more upset, even though that store only affected a tiny number of people.

    3.12.2010 06:10 #9

  • i1der

    Sprint 4g is 10 more for unlimited, doesn't sound so bad now, does it?
    I haven't been able to use 4g much only couple times in Boston...
    But its been worth every penny just to enjoy my great EVO

    3.12.2010 20:31 #10

  • o0cynix0o

    "Are you ready." Ahhhh nope don't see El Paso on the map..... I guess ill stick with T Mobile G2 and my HSPA+.

    “Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Forget this... and attaining enlightenment is the least of your problems.”
    –Zen Judaism by Someone Clever

    3.12.2010 22:38 #11

  • bankai987

    oh god, I see Verizon charging people up the ass, I will never change my data plan no matter how fast it gets. I mean 10GB for $80 bucks a month and $50 for 5GB, give me a f****ng break. Verizon needs to use common sense, most people do, and that's why many people wont buy this data plan.

    4.12.2010 02:16 #12

  • SoulGLOW

    I just spent my summer in Houston, TX where I signed up for Clear 4G service. I downloaded over 100GB in my first five days using their 4G USB dongle on my laptop. The speed varied from 2Mbps to 12Mbps while most of the time it hovered around 7-8Mbps, even as I drove around the city. I came home to Seattle in September and it has been more hit and miss ever since. One thing I have noticed is that the more you use it the stronger the signal gets in that location you are at. Strange but it actually makes sense for the rollout of a new technology such as this since then very little energy is wasted transmitting to nothing. Their prices absolutely kick the shit outta these too.

    6.12.2010 05:50 #13

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