Netbook with Google Chrome OS set for December 7th unveiling

Netbook with Google Chrome OS set for December 7th unveiling
Google has sent out invites for a December 7th event relating to the Chrome OS, likely unveiling the first netbook to run on the operating system.

Chrome OS was revealed last year to much fanfare, but so far there has been little actually unveiled about the OS.

Google has said in the past that the Chrome OS will run on netbooks and desktops (machines with keyboards) while their popular Android mobile OS will remain on all touchscreen devices, like tablets and smartphones.

A Chrome OS machine can boot in seconds, faster than systems running Windows, Mac OSX or Linux.

The first netbook running Chrome OS will likely not be available for the mass market, with under 100,000 expected to be available.

Google's Chrome OS is still in beta, and mass market netbooks running the operating system are expected to launch in the first quarter 2011.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 5 Dec 2010 3:28
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  • KSib

    I sure would like to see this boot time in person.

    5.12.2010 11:54 #1

  • stuntman_

    I am pretty sure it only runs off of a solid state drive so the boot time seems accurate to me

    5.12.2010 13:10 #2

  • zendrummer74

    I'm looking forward to it; however, I could care less about the "boot time". I boot my MBP every third Blue Moon. The rest of the time it just goes into sleep mode. Waking from sleep mode takes less time than it takes to lift the top of the laptop open. The real value of Google Chrome OS is that it isn't OSX and it isn't Windows. More compelling market alternatives create more innovation so long a splintering in basic concepts of development doesn't occur. That isn't likely to happen because, unlike Apple or Microsoft, Google tends to lean towards open standards rather than trying to Fork them for their own interests. (J++ or ObjectiveC anyone?)

    5.12.2010 13:39 #3

  • Dr_Shifty

    From what I understand, the Chrome OS is based on Chrome browser. Everything you do is effectually online. Loading apps is online. Writing documents is online. Preparing Powerpoints is online. Cloud-based computing taken to the limit. The rapid loading time is the time to load the basic browser OS and establish an internet connection, after that it will be a different story.

    11.12.2010 05:42 #4

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