Google introduces Nexus S with Gingerbread

Google introduces Nexus S with Gingerbread
Google has officially unveiled the Nexus S smartphone today, the first device to use Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Additionally, the company says the Gingerbread SDK is now available for developers.

The Nexus S is built by Samsung, and will be a "pure Google" experience, unlocked and "vanilla," with no special user interface layers.

Google says the smartphone will have a 4-inch "Contour Display designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and along the side of your face."

The smartphone runs on a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, has 16GB internal memory, standard and front-side cameras and NFC (near field communication) hardware.

Google says "NFC is a fast, versatile short-range wireless technology that can be embedded in all kinds of everyday objects like movie posters, stickers and t-shirts."

Coming with Android 2.3 are "user interface refinements, NFC support, a new keyboard and text selection tool, Internet (VoIP/SIP) calling, improved copy/paste functionality and gyroscope sensor support."

The phone will be available through T-Mobile and Best Buy starting on December 16th.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 6 Dec 2010 11:15
Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread Nexus S
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  • A5J4DX

    finally confirmed!

    6.12.2010 11:27 #1

  • escalante

    That's all that's new? I expected more from the successor of the already awesome Nexus One.

    GENERATION 98: The first time you see this, copy it into your sig on any forum and subtract 1 from the generation. Social experiment.

    6.12.2010 11:48 #2

  • biglo30

    Ok and now we need the AOSP for the devs to get theirs hands on.

    6.12.2010 14:37 #3

  • mike.m

    Originally posted by escalante: That's all that's new? I expected more from the successor of the already awesome Nexus One. I agree. Personally I like the Nexus One look over this one. This looks a little like a fat chick, especially that bottom chin. Plus this is really disappointing. The main hype about this phone is that it would be packing a dual-core CPU, and Samsung just stuck in their old Hummingbird Processor. It doesn't even have a microSD slot, almost all Android phones do. Looks like they’re starting to take the path of Apple, make a huge hype about the product, then disappoint.

    Next year (next month) dual core phones are coming out. Yes NFC is nice and all, but this phone could have been A LOT better, especially if it’s the "successor" of the N1. It just seems that Samsung and Google didn't even try at making a great phone like the N1 was. BRING BACK HTC.

    6.12.2010 18:07 #4

  • KillerBug

    Yeah, just another crummy phone; not even as good as the old Incredible.

    As far as I am concerned, the only good news here is that Gingerbread will soon be on the droid.

    7.12.2010 03:35 #5

  • Mr-Movies

    I see we are getting back to larger cell phones as we emerge into the smart phone market. It won't be long and we will be back to the form of the good old HP Jornada 720 which I loved for a PDA but I'm not sure I'd love it as a phone even though the keyboard would be great and the display is more close to a normal PC screen.

    It's funny how things come full circle!

    10.12.2010 13:48 #6

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