PSJailbreak ruled legal in Spain

PSJailbreak ruled legal in Spain
Sony's efforts to obliterate the PSJailbreak USB dongle that enables homebrew code to be launched on some PS3 consoles have been dealt a blow in Spain.

After already scoring some victories against PSJailbreak, including a notable victory in Australia, Sony's efforts have been impacted by a court in Spain.

Sony's decision to kill the OtherOS functionality in the PlayStation 3 (PS3) console may have hurt it badly in this case. The feature had originally been killed off due to concerns about the system's security, which remained strong at the time with the known information.

However, the court No 8 Mercantil de Barcelona noted that Sony originally was selling the PS3 console with the ability to run an operating system that would support some level of homebrew software. More importantly however, the court seems to have been of the opinion that if you buy a games console or similar piece of equipment, then you own it and should be free to do what you like with it, including modify it.

To add insult to injury, Sony has also reportedly been ordered to pay damages to stores that had products seized and suffered a loss in sales as result of the ongoing case.

Documents from the court are available online in Spanish or with the use of Google Translate, in rough English.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 17 Dec 2010 2:56
Sony PS3 jailbreak
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  • wiimatrix

    Merry Christams Sony!!!

    17.12.2010 04:09 #1

  • jos22

    spain is great

    17.12.2010 08:57 #2

  • lancerx


    17.12.2010 09:21 #3

  • dEwMe

    WOOT Spain!!!

    Just my $0.02,


    17.12.2010 10:56 #4

  • stuntman_


    17.12.2010 11:20 #5

  • H0bbes

    I'm moving to Spain, groped at the airport or not. Spain FTW!

    "Its as if McGruff the Crime Dog snuck into our basement, enlisted an army of cellar rats to eat up all of our cheese, and then burned the house down when we finally locked him out instead of just knocking on the front door to tell us the window was open." ~Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback

    17.12.2010 12:10 #6

  • GryphB

    WOOT!!!!! About time!

    17.12.2010 18:20 #7

  • KillerBug

    I guess that is what happens when the jailbreakers actually show up to court.

    17.12.2010 22:38 #8

  • xnonsuchx

    Now if they'd just declare it illegal for Sony to keep trying to kill it via FW updates (and maybe even restore Other OS support for pre-slim units)! I wonder how Sony would handle trying to manage these issues on a per-country basis if more countries decide the same as Spain?

    18.12.2010 21:35 #9

  • Crazycro

    It's about time a country stood up to this BULLY!!! Pay up SONY!!!
    kiss my rosie red ass!!!

    28.12.2010 16:12 #10

  • seakz

    i agree, i bought my ps3 with otherOS as an option, it has to be illigal to take that away after that sale, if i bought a car with a extra features that allow to modify it and then the car company came 2 years later and said they wanted to remove said features id throw them off my property!!!! once i have my car and as long as its paid its my choice what i do to it even if i wanted to completely modify it its my choice and its that same principle for all items we buy, constantly updated or not.


    4.1.2011 01:18 #11

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