Video Daily: Motorola teases their upcoming Honeycomb tablet

Video Daily: Motorola teases their upcoming Honeycomb tablet
Motorola has taken a shot at the iPad and Galaxy Tab today, while at the same time hyping up its upcoming Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet.

The teaser video (posted), shows a museum of tablets, starting with an Egyptian Hieroglyphics Tablet from 3200 BC and concluding with the iPad and Galaxy Tab, released earlier in 2010.

Motorola, via @MotoMobile, tweeted today: "Might want to hold off on that tablet purchase until 2011," before linking the video.

The company will launch the Android tablet at CES 2011 next year.

In all CGI, the video walks the viewers through a museum of tablets, starting with the aforementioned Egyptian Hieroglyphics Tablet, moving to the Ten Commandments, then the Rosetta Stone, Mayan tablets, 1989's GriDPad and finally the 2010 tablets before panning back to a Motorola stand with a bee buzzing around it, in a reference to Honeycomb.

PCMag has some blurry pics of the tablet here.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 20 Dec 2010 20:10
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  • 21Q

    That was an impressive commercial I'll give them that.

    If you want a nice icon for your iPhone for afterdawn click on the link below. There is a two second delay before the redirect so act fast!

    Also Check Out My "Pc In An Xbox" Mod. There's a whole Pc inside of it!

    20.12.2010 21:22 #1

  • emugamer

    I'm not an iPad owner or fan, but that's the only negative they can come up with? That it's like a giant iPhone?

    21.12.2010 06:09 #2

  • sheri1983

    Pretty bold for a device that only exists in the ether. Call me when it's in Best Buy. If you're interested in this one, wait for the BOGO two months after release. I bet every GoogleTV owner will buy one.

    My critique of the commercial: too long-winded and doesn't even show this "amazing" me-too device. Is that because it's fantastically mind-boggling ... or because they still haven't finished the hardware? I'll file this one under "VAPORWARE" for now.

    28.12.2010 06:44 #3

  • Jemborg

    Originally posted by emugamer: I'm not an iPad owner or fan, but that's the only negative they can come up with? That it's like a giant iPhone? You have a interesting point. I remember when the Amiga was subject to a negative campaign by Apple and MS suggesting that it was "only a games machine". Drawing a parallel to then consoles like SNES and whatnot. And people believed it! Despite the fact it could emulate a Mac with the same cpu faster than the Mac itself. So if they could paint the iPad as just a giant iPhone, regardless of whether it's true, it just might stick.

    Still, I'm intrigued by Android 3.0, it might not be that to beat a device where the major design philosophy is that it's factory-replaceable batteries should fail about the time the next version comes out. :P


    Its a lot easier being righteous than right.

    29.12.2010 08:57 #4

  • ST2006

    Nha sorry "It's like a giant.. but it's like a giant iPhone" made me laugh !!!! Besides, that's basically saying well "any problems with the iPhone, is made bigger!"
    By the way, that advert was great. I really like the idea behind it I think it showed some initiative in promotion !!


    29.12.2010 15:40 #5

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