No MySpace sale talks ongoing

No MySpace sale talks ongoing
Reuters is citing a source close to News Corp in reporting that there are no ongoing talks regarding the future of the social entertainment site.

News Corp has revealed that it is open to a sale of the social entertainment site that still attracts 60 million users a month. CNCB reported on Monday that News Corp is on track to sell the website by mid-2011, but Reuters cites a source in reporting that there are no talks with any potential buyers at this time.

The company is to lay off more than half of its staff in its continued efforts to turn around the loss making venture. Following a successful relaunch of MySpace as a social entertainment site, rather than a competitor to $50 billion giant Facebook, Reuters reported that News Corp was open to a sale.

Back in November, News Corp COO Chase Carey told investors that MySpace had "quarters" rather than years to change its fortunes.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 4 Jan 2011 13:43
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  • Gorgoroth

    Myspace sucks SO bad these days... Their new site, I will admit, was easy to navigate with all the details (login, pictures, videos, etc) under drop down boxes at the top of the screen. But EVERY friggin' page you go to under myspace takes SO long to load, even those of us with high speed connections! And the other day, when I was looking through my friends' list, I got the dreaded quickdefrag virus!!! Nasty ass thing was difficult as hell to remove. Myspace needs to allow users to go back to the old format, or just die already...

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