Intel will pay $1.5 billion to license Nvidia technology

Intel will pay $1.5 billion to license Nvidia technology
It has been revealed that Intel will pay Nvidia Corp. $1.5 billion to license its technology, settling a dispute among the pair.

The deal gives Intel the right to use Nvidia technology in its new chips as graphics performance becomes more and more important. Nvidia will be able to use some of Intel's technology (but not related to the x86 architecture).

Nvidia recently announced that it plans to produce processors for personal computers, which will use technology from ARM Holdings. The company is trying to drag the low-energy chips into the PC space from their stronghold in the market for smartphones and tablets.

The company does not plan to produce x86 chips. "Those are not our core businesses nor do we have the intention or strategy to go develop those things," Nvidia chief executive Jen-Hsun Huang, told analysts.

Nvidia has been touting the possible benefits of utilizing its powerful parallel processors used in its graphics chips for important intensive tasks such as medical imaging, or weather forecasting.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 11 Jan 2011 3:09
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  • champman

    I'm not sure who's paying who to shut up and play ball. Intel are desperate for GPU performance and Nvidia need better performing processing chips. Why can't they both learn to get along and stop squabbling as neither will win.

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    15.1.2011 15:24 #1

  • pmshah

    I have been averse to using Intel platform as their graphics suck big time. Maybe I will check out the newer Intel chip set with nVidia technology to see if it is worth the premium price they are charging.

    18.1.2011 09:09 #2

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