Google making WebM plug-ins for IE 9 and Safari

Google making WebM plug-ins for IE 9 and Safari
Last week Google announced the removal of H.264 support in its Chrome web browser. A questionable move got a follow-up yesterday when Google said in the Chromium blog that they will be releasing WebM plug-ins for Apple's Safari and Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Both of the companies have been strongly supporting H.264 and denied the support for WebM in their web browsers.

Google prefers their own royalty-free WebM technology that is backed up by browsers Firefox, Opera and Chrome. Apple and Microsoft are behind H.264 that has a larger supporter group and move established community because of its longer history.

Forming the future standard for HTML video tag is no closer than before. Google won't be giving up easily, Apple and Microsoft on the other hand really want their money. Well, at least now it seems that each of the browsers will be soon supporting WebM. That should be a good thing, right?

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 17 Jan 2011 4:50
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