Next gen iPhone, iPad to have double the power

Next gen iPhone, iPad to have double the power
The next generation iPhones and iPads are rumored to have Apple's new System on a Chip, which will feature the much more powerful dual core SGX543MP2 graphics chip. It is also said that the chip would enable four times the pixel count of previous iPad. The new iPad 2 Retina display would have a resolution of 2048 x 1536.

The more advanced SoC will also add support for HDMI as well as 1080p Full HD video playback. However, it is not yet certain in which iOS devices you will see these, if any. According to AppleInsider, there will be multi-core ARM Cortex A9 CPUs in the SoC quite like in Nvidia's Tegra 2 chip.

It certainly does sound like the new iOS devices will have a ton more horsepower than the predecessors.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 17 Jan 2011 9:04
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  • Pop_Smith

    And the iPhone 5 will be released in June with Verizon's version coming the following January. As usual all the Apple sheep will stand in a line to get a new one like they did last year (and the year before, etc.).

    I don't mind the ones that are smart enough to sell their old iPhone's for (almost) the cost of the new ones, though. <-- Brian Regan "Take Luck" video.

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    17.1.2011 18:05 #1

  • Joshewah

    I'd much rather have a dual core Android.

    Come on Sprint, get some Tegra 2 phones, ya slouches!

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    17.1.2011 18:31 #2

  • xnonsuchx

    BTW, dual-core doesn't "double the power" usually only does 1.5-1.75 the power at best. Unless it's also a faster/more efficient chip to make up for that difference, that is!

    17.1.2011 19:03 #3

  • KillerBug

    Originally posted by xnonsuchx: BTW, dual-core doesn't "double the power" usually only does 1.5-1.75 the power at best. Unless it's also a faster/more efficient chip to make up for that difference, that is! 1.75x more speed is nothing to complain about.

    ...then again, I would love to have a phone with one of those triple core 1.5GHZ chips!

    17.1.2011 23:33 #4

  • Dragon3000

    Not sure if i mentioned this already? but I hate Apple. I can't believe that people would waste their money on an apple product to only find that it is an inferior product 12 months later, and for those who have to save to buy one of these devices which for an average joe would be 3 to 6 months (depending on responsibilities) you would feel rather pissed off when you find out that Apple have released yet another version with tweaks that were already in existence when they first released, let's say, the ipad.

    Anyways, I've had my moan. Good luck to you all and I wish you all sincere happiness.

    18.1.2011 02:53 #5

  • MrPuffin

    god listen to this dual core stuff like really it's a damn phone and the only reason we need new processors to make it faster is because they program the systems bulkier rather then efficiently

    take the original iphone and 3g the original updates were fine (they were designed for that processor and just worked fine no speed complaints

    now look at like the iphone 3g and ios4 (which is hella slow) - ios4 was designed around the iphone 4 processor which is ~1.0ghz and then ported over to a device which was half as powerful (iphone 3g 412mhz ~0.41ghz)
    now if it was done the opposite way designed around the 412mhz one and ported over to a 1.0ghz wouldn't it be twice as fast as it is now thus not needing a faster processors in the near future

    now my opinion is different in the computer world because those very in usage from home to professional to gaming so improvement is always welcome to processors there but same idea with bulky systems designed around faster processors if the system was made to run on like a 400mhz on pc and put on modern i5-i7's (with proper drivers) wouldn't it be 10 times faster than it already is (like win 95 doesn't support dual cores or processors over certain speed but include those driver support in the kernel and all is good)

    good example on the fact that this CAN be done is half life 2 look at the graphics on that and requirements fairly low but now jump ahead to half life 2 episode 2 and it is designed around faster systems although the game looks almost the exact same and essentially plays the same its slower (in fact my old comp couldn't run EP2 (could barely get it working) but Could run half life 2 on Highest settings)

    not to mention if they program it to run on slower devices better it would mean that it processes less leaving more for other functions and would also save battery by running at half speed on the faster ones when doing lots of processing vs the full speed

    sorry for the rant thingy
    and yes i do know that some processor speed increase is needed to handle stuff like better screens or HD vids just my views on it

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    19.1.2011 01:18 #6

  • cubster (unverified)

    as usual, apple freaks will think steve jobs is a genious and the first person to introduce this "new" technology... i took a class where we studied apple's business plan for a little while. their business runs on already existing technology that they present in such a way that make people think they invented it first. a few months ago, a mac friend of mine was showing off to me a new thing on the apple website. it was nothing more than an apple branded extra monitor to use in a dual screen configuration. yet he thought it was something brand new and never done before. i will say this though. apple was genious for pushing the greedy capitalist corporations in america to finally get on board with touch screen technology by creating a truly user friendly interface. now they just gotta get everyone on board with the front facing cameras, which have been around in europe since before the iphone was even first released. one reason the iphone was never popularized in europe like the usa was because better technology was available for cheaper. can you americans imagine a world where the iphone is obsolete? this world is hopefully coming soon to the states. big woop it'll have better resolution capabilities. all the other tablets coming out are already stating those features and more. and there are already android devices with these new iphone5 features (and more as per usual). personally i'm waiting for a windows phone 7 with the front facing camera on it before i use my next upgrade. i'm sick of these interfaces that remind me too much of my old palm pilot. microsoft got me hooked with my zune hd interface, and the new phone gui is somewhat similar. as for my future tablet, after seeing android 3.0 tablet edition, i think that's where i'm headed.

    24.1.2011 22:55 #7

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