AT&T giving some iPhone owners unlimited data option again?

AT&T giving some iPhone owners unlimited data option again?
AT&T, in anticipation of the Verizon iPhone coming on February 10th, has quietly begun giving iPhone owners a chance to move back to unlimited data plans, the plan they unceremoniously dumped in June.

Verizon announced this week that all new iPhone owners would pay $30-a-month for unlimited data, a far better deal than AT&T offers, at $25 for 2GB.

The former exclusive iPhone carrier will now give all subscribers who had an unlimited data plan in the past the chance to move back. The deal is only valid for subscribers who had an iPhone, and the unlimited plan, before June 2010.

New purchasers will still have to use the limited data plans.

When asked for comment by the WSJ, AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel would not confirm the move, just saying: "We handle customers and their situations individually, and we're not going to discuss specifics."

The average smartphone user consumes 290MB of data per month, although iPhone owners notoriously use more.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 26 Jan 2011 19:01
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  • biglo30

    Slick bastards trying to win back customers after they stole (discounted) it from them. Tactic to keep those customers, can't blame them.

    26.1.2011 19:25 #1

  • Ryoohki

    at&t didn't steal anything. people who had unlimited data decided to move to a lower plan. you got told by customer service repeatedly if you were absolutely certain because there was no going back and they still decided to do it. i know because i had to take far too many of those types of calls.

    what i do think is a bunch of crap is making special exceptions for only iphone users instead of anyone who has a smartphone. that's what really sucks.

    26.1.2011 20:52 #2

  • yeller

    Please help me understand what value AT&T provides customers other than scamming them from their cash? Every chance they get they implement a new charge or some horrible limitation, yet marketing talks about how "fast" their network is or how you can download videos (but quickly hit expensive tiers). Their network coverage continues to suck, clip new internet applications by forcing WiFi(huge violation of net neutrality) and billing paperwork requires a PHD to understand random charges. It's a pitiful representation of AT&T baby bells of yesteryear, filled with executive greed, zero employee loyalty and sad customer service.

    It's too bad they were able secure a deal with Apple, their only crutch to stay relevant.

    I HATE AT&T!

    31.1.2011 11:02 #3

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