iPad tablet market share falls to 75 percent

iPad tablet market share falls to 75 percent
Strategy Analytics has said today that the iPad has seen its tablet market share fall from almost 96 percent to 75 percent in the last few months, thanks to Android devices.

Android tablets jumped to 21.6 percent while the rest of the share was taken by Windows and other tablet OS.

While technically "Android" encompasses a large number of tablets released in 2010, most of the gains by the OS came from the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which shipped over 2 million tablets by the end of the year.

Samsung did admit, however, that it believes hundreds of thousands of those shipped tablets still remain on retail shelves.

Apple sold 15 million iPads in 2010 after releasing the tablet to much fanfare in April.

Android is expected to take a much larger share of the tablet market after a number of Android 3.0 tablet-optimized devices hit the market, starting with the Motorola Xoom this month.

(Pic via Electronista)

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 1 Feb 2011 1:36
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  • bmovie

    In the vernacular, one would say that Samsung is "playing with themselves". A doorstop is not an iPad.

    1.2.2011 02:59 #1

  • KillerBug

    No, the iPad makes a terrible doorstop. Maybe the iPad3 will be triangular so it at least has one feature.

    1.2.2011 05:50 #2

  • Ben79

    The iPad definitely makes a horrible doorstop, although it currently makes a decent snow spade. I never though Crapple could make such a rugged product.

    1.2.2011 09:32 #3

  • bmovie

    3 out of 3 agree. Samsung is playing with themselves.
    It is settled...and Strategy Analytics is an inflated voyeur overstating the size of the organ.

    1.2.2011 12:20 #4

  • i1der

    21% with not even one tablet in the market(tab is almost a tabLET)... This is quite good!

    2.2.2011 00:03 #5

  • KillerBug

    There are a lot of people who are sick of apple; offering yourself as the one and only alternative is guaranteed to get sales no matter how crummy your device is.

    I honestly still see no use for these tablets. They don't offer PC functionality, they don't even offer smart phone functionality, the only function they seem to have is to serve as overpriced kindles that don't work as well.

    Maybe we are just waiting on the apps...the android tablets have no netflix and the apple tablets have no flash...if someone made a tablet with NetFlix, Flash, HTML5, and maybe even plug-in codec support, then I might be able to see a good use for a tablet as a kind of portable movies/TV device...but no one makes anything like that, other than the power-hungry Windows 7 devices.

    ...or maybe I am just waiting for a big-screen smart phone (with cell calling capabilities for areas with little or no internet)...that tablet from RIM has the perfect dimensions for a phone; too bad it is full of trash parts and a worthless OS...and it isn't a phone either.

    2.2.2011 01:05 #6

  • bmovie

    There are even more people who love Apple.
    The IPad is used in hospitals in Israel to show X-rays to doctors offsite so that they can evaluate results without having to rush to the hospital. IPads can run robots. IT departments can rig iPads to run some Windows programs and do so in the Enterprise. IPads are used on Remote News Broadcasts for production. Police departments use them to display documents and photos from their Intranets. Restaurants let patrons go through menus and wine lists. The visually impaired use them because of their portability, size adjustment and simple multi-touch finger gestures. People read pdfs, web pages and books on the subways instead of trash-producing newspapers and magazines. Children get lessons and search websites instead of carrying heavy books in backpacks and they cost lest than a laptop or a desktop. You can also printout to a computer without having to hook up wires. You can have a bunch of people look at photos you've just taken and pass the iPad around the dinner table. You can use Google maps when on vacation-find a Public Restroom in a foreign city and navigate to the closest train or bus. You can view a single page or tilt it to see a spread.

    This is just the beginning. It's all up to how you want to expand your mind. This is why millions have bought one instead of a netbook, another laptop, or another desktop computer. This is why a smartphone is not enough.

    Flash sucks up battery life. Flash is mostly ads. Without Flash, the iPad could go a whole week without a charge. Flash has to load.
    Hey, millions of people have bought iPads without Flash—without complaining; so maybe Flash isn't such a big deal.

    IPad2 is on the way with double cameras. It will be even faster and lighter. Any "iPad-killer" in the market or about to be brought to market will be a "me-too" first-generation copy-cat. I would not want to be a beta-tester for them. IPad2 vs. a beta Honeycomb tablet.

    As to a big-screen smart phone, you'd look pretty wild walking around making a call with such a big screen. It's bad enough with people screaming into their phones while they're crossing the street and driving their cars. I can see the police giving out citations for that and then you'd have to use it to make calls only with the cigarette-smokers in the alley.

    I don't have an iPad. I wish I could afford one. I would love to use it to create, check and display websites. Use it to drum up business to get me to design their website. I could see real estate agents using iPads to sell property. Pan and zoom through rooms and landscaping. Hey, the US Army has ordered up a ton of iPads. You could bring up blueprints or Satellite scans in the field. I wouldn't be surprised if an iPad shows up in the next James Bond movie.

    You may not like Apple, but it took an Apple to make Tablets work. Microsoft sat on the idea for about 7 or more years and neither Microsoft or any hardware manufacturer made the concept fly. Using a stylus was not as cool as using your finger. PC tablets were too heavy and slow. Apple gave us Firewire, made us dump the floppy, got us using CD burners and now they're getting us to dump them for solid-state drives. They gave us magnetic cords for laptops so that I wouldn't trip over them and send the laptop screen into a hundred pieces. If you think Apple is too wealthy, then imagine how much more wealthy Apple would be if we didn't have this Economic Recession. Finally, if Apple wasn't into design, we would still be using beige computers, and beige laptops. Apple is the Ducati, Ferrari, or Mercedes that everyone copies, down to the interface. Where would Windows be without Apple to copy? Windows doesn't copy Linux.

    2.2.2011 03:06 #7

  • KillerBug

    You list a lot of things that the iPad can do...but I didn't catch on thing that you cannot do with a (more affordable and faster) netbook.

    I don't want a phone with an iPad screen size; I want a phone with a Rim tablet screen size.

    You don't have an iPad by your own admission, so you must not think it is worth your money.

    As for flash, the ipad does not have it...and it still runs less than a day on a charge.

    2.2.2011 06:25 #8

  • bmovie

    Hey Bro',

    I don't have an IPad because I don't have money or a job. It's the Economic Recession some of us are sitting out! Besides, IPad 2 should knock everyone's sox off. So maybe when that comes I will have job and money.

    Netbooks come faster and cheaper (I saw one for $300) AND they run applications (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash, etc.) and come with a keypad, and Apple is certainly not stopping you from buying one. IPads—or any tablet—have no lids to flip open and wait to turn on. IPads and their imitators allow you to pan, zoom, scroll, page and imput with your fingers so you don't need a physical keyboard and they are lighter than a Netbook. A police officer can scan through and zoom mug shots with one finger while they hold a gun with their other hand. Because iPads/tablets are smaller and lighter than a netbook, you can carry more luggage aboard an airplane, because the damn airlines are starting to charge for extra luggage. Obviously, if you had to be running applications on your flight, an Apple Air would be a luxury. You would have a super-thin laptop that was solid-state (instant-on from sleep and zippier processing), but Apple calls the Air a laptop and not a Netbook and it's made of metal instead of plastic. (Again, if I had money or a job and if I would be using both hands to process outside a home or office, it would be ideal.)

    OK. Flash. Again, if you are into Flash games, then maybe that'd be a "bone of contention". Most Flash content is advertising. It's bad enough that Microsoft/Yahoo Bings all over your searches, and every web page is flanked with ads, and I get tons of junk mail (Who wants inexpensive Viagra from an unknown source?), I have to wait for a Flash page to load up and sometimes it causes a browser to "hang", but it also takes a toll on my laptop battery life, then I don't need it. Like they say, "Your mileage will vary." (As a aside, if it weren't for ActionScript, I'd probably like creating in Flash much better and fight harder for Flash. So let Adobe or whoever come up with something better and maybe I can learn it. Finally, although Apple doesn't care for Flash on their iPads and iPhones, they have no problem with it on their their laptops and desktop computers. They sell Adobe products on their website, and they still give free classes on using Photoshop, and Illustrator in their Apple Stores. If you really wanted to run Flash on an iPad, there is an app (not made by Apple!) that will do it.

    If there is anything I hate about Apple it would be how expensive it can be, but then we all can't have steak and truffles everyday and a company can't innovate without money and people. We buy what we need. If we do not need an iPad, then we get by with something else. Back in the early days when Sony was starting out, a salesman tried to get me to buy an unknown brand of TV instead of the Sony I wanted. He offered me a big discount to NOT buy the SONY. When I did buy it, he even had the nerve to say that I would be "sorry" for having bought it. Well, the TV was great and lasted many years, as did the company. I can't remember the name of the "unknown" company and that's long gone.

    No, I don't need an iPad, I have a few computers at home with some not too legit apps., but you have to admit that the idea of a portable tablet that navigates with finger gestures is a wonderful concept. Apple brought it to life and other companies have yet to match it, but by trying, only makes the iPad 2 even better. If we were still in the days of pencil and paper, I might still be employed and reading novels instead of reading computer tutorials and downloading torrents, but that's another story.

    2.2.2011 12:28 #9

  • ZeusAV

    I bought and used an iPad for a little while but couldn't find a practical use for it with my business. Was planning to use it for updating my excel spreadsheets on the go but you have to convert back and forth between MS Excel and Numbers. It looks nice and does a few cool things but it doesn't do enough to justify $500 for me. A small mini-laptop still trumps these tablets in overall functionality for now.

    When one of them can run Excel and costs less than $250 then I'll jump.

    2.2.2011 13:48 #10

  • bmovie

    Apple's answer is a application called Numbers for something like $10 or $20. It reads Excel files and creates in the Excel format, but may not be as powerful, but that depends on what you need Excel for.

    I am not an Apple plant, nor do I own an iPad. I would rather have an iBook laptop. The fact that a restaurant can display an updated winelist for patrons to choose from says that there are apps or ways to create things that expands the use and convenience of the device. We are all about tools and how we make them do things. If I really had to display an Excel sheet, I could email it or convert it to a pdf to display if it was meant to be shown to a customer. I really like .pdfs.

    If you really are unhappy with your iPad, I would suggest you give it away to some kid who can't afford a laptop or home computer. Kids can do amazing things today. They can do Mac, Windows, Linux, one-handed texting, games, hacking; sports, music, etc. And the boys aren't bad either!

    2.2.2011 14:27 #11

  • bmovie

    Here's a random google search for iPad +Excel for anyone interested in Word/Excel compatibility on an ipad and it only costs $10:


    2.2.2011 14:47 #12

  • bmovie

    Here's a random google search for iPad +Excel for anyone interested in Word/Excel compatibility on an ipad and it only costs $10:


    2.2.2011 15:02 #13

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