Android devices getting Flash 10.2 soon

Android devices getting Flash 10.2 soon
Adobe has confirmed today that Flash 10.2 will be headed to Android devices very soon, just a few days after it was released for Windows and Mac.

Says Anup Murarka of Adobe (via TR):

We have released source code to all our tier one partners and you will see Flash 10.2 begin to show up for mobile devices in the next few weeks.

Murarka did note that there was no timetable for Flash on Windows Phone 7, although he was optimistic on the operating system after Microsoft's deal with Nokia.

In the desktop version of Flash 10.2, CPU utilization falls to under 15 percent when playing flash video, in HD, full screen.

Says Muraka:

Often when we do everything in software today, we are above 60% and up to even 100% CPU. And that also translates into battery savings and improvement in overall responsiveness. We donít think youíll see quite as dramatic improvement on mobile because we already use some of that [technology], but you will see improvements in battery life.

Finally, Stage Video and Content Viewer will be supported for Android, meaning digital titles like National Geographic should be available via Android tablets soon.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 14 Feb 2011 19:55
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  • oappi

    @DougAdams Agreed. Still better idea imho would be that google made upgrade function to their android os and made some kind of customization layer that manufacturers could use to apply their own modifications. So that when manufacturers do customizations they would work on EVERY version of android. This would mean that when google releases new android everyone could install it right away (if phone meets the requirements) and use "old" customizations. i honestly can't figure out why google didn't do this.

    15.2.2011 16:11 #1

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