Google releases Chrome 10 beta

Google releases Chrome 10 beta
Google has launched the first beta for Chrome 10 this week, bringing JavaScript improvements, sync improvements, and an all-new settings interface.

Chrome 10.0.648.82 is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Google promises Chrome 10 has 66 percent faster JavaScript performance than the latest stable Chrome 9 browser. The search giant has updated its "V8 - Crankshaft" JavaScript engine to see the performance upgrades.

The browser also adds basic GPU acceleration for video, "which allows more efficient processor utilization and better battery life," says IW.

Finally, the updated browser implements support for password sync across computers.

Video of the updated interface:

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 19 Feb 2011 1:52
Google Chrome Browser Chrome 10 Beta
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  • nonoitall

    Speaking of a password manager, when is Chrome going to get a more functional one? :-P

    That's probably the #1 reason I shy away from using Chrome as my primary browser, along with its lack of tab grouping.

    19.2.2011 05:21 #1

  • ThePastor

    Can I install this on my Cr-48?

    Unfortunately for them, all Blu-ray protections have been broken and BD rips can be found around the Internet, usually before the retail even hits shelves.

    21.2.2011 18:36 #2

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