All HP computers will soon dual-boot Windows and webOS

All HP computers will soon dual-boot Windows and webOS
Starting in 2012, new HP computers will all come with the ability to dual-boot Windows and webOS, the mobile operating system the company acquired with its purchase of Palm last year.

HP has done hardly anything with the popular operating system since its acquisition of Palm, although it did release version 2.0 earlier this year, and plans to release tablets with the OS later this year.

Palm was purchased for $1.2 billion and many wondered if HP overpaid. Palm had less than 9 months of cash left and was burning through money at a furious rate before it put itself up for sale. Sales of the Palm Pre and Pixi devices were slower than anticipated.

It is unclear what advantages users will have booting into WebOS over Windows 7.

HP has announced a number of new webOS smartphones, each of which were received with little fanfare.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 9 Mar 2011 19:20
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  • xyqo

    HP is joking they have been so pathetic it's a year and they still haven't gotten anywhere with this geeze. Its a company I truly love but this whole palm deal has really been very very lame! Even though webos is awesome and has unbelievable potential.
    Now I really wish RIM hadn't whimped out of the deal.


    9.3.2011 20:03 #1

  • Blackjax

    HP has become a company that doesn't know which way to go, except maybe down. I do know their idea of laptop support for a three year old lappy is to suggest upgrade instead of update drivers. Why spend hard earned money on "soon to be outdated products" that won't get support and a company mentality of abandon it and they will upgrade. If I want to be totally controlled and mistreated I will buy from company A.

    Remember no matter how much you know someone else knows more than you do!
    Fav Quote "Con is the opposite of Pro so CONgress must be the opposite of PROgress!!!!"

    10.3.2011 02:52 #2

  • KillerBug

    When HP bought palm, they said that they would be using WebOS for printers...not a great idea, but still way better than the crummy HP-OS that they put on their printers now. They also said that they would use it on netbooks, presumably because they didn't like having a functional OS like Linux on the units that didn't have windows.

    I really can't get mad at HP...their policies kept me fed when I was working as a PC repair tech...if you think of their policies as an attempt to help the independent PC repair/building industry, they are downright kind.

    10.3.2011 05:23 #3

  • Mez

    HP is a typical big business. All the major decision makers are not technical but politician-salesman. They back-stabbed and BSed their way to the top. They have convinced themselves and others that they are technical wizards but they really have no clue. They are following in the foot steps of AOL.

    12.3.2011 08:02 #4

  • omendata

    Isnt it just similar to Asrocks Instant Boot which has been around for a long time!

    Pretty useful but its old hat now!
    Webos must come up with something a lot different to create a market for itself!

    Hp customer treatment is a disgrace.

    The laptop graphics card overheat/motherboard failure incident will never be forgotten!

    Even worse was their denial until it got taken to court.

    Hp is just a lazy money making machine and its PC are just like Packard Bells old 486 and pentium jobbies just that - complete jobbies!

    12.3.2011 18:39 #5

  • luigirez1

    Hopefully it's better than most windows ce computers. That os isnt good for much of anything.

    13.3.2011 04:12 #6

  • mfinned

    HP announced the production of HP computers, which will support dual-boot Windows and the Web OS. WebOS is an also ran in this regard, the 6000 offers applications and it is in other than Apple iOS and Android.

    4.8.2011 18:29 #7

  • bubbah

    Originally posted by bubbah: for my money, I always liked windowsCE/PocketPC since my ipaq 3635 ...the best feature was "instant on" ...I never quite understood why windowss was never offered with CE built in so you can have instant on and start working right away and boot windows full OS in background waiting ...or else, just boot CE and look up a contact or do fast email check on the fly with little power cost come?

    Originally posted by luigirez1: Hopefully its better than most windows ce computers. That os isnt good for much of anything.
    surely CE/Windows would be far better than Palm/Wndows combo ...

    and, now for the killer combo ... what about iphone/iOS ??
    and, further ... android/google apps ??

    5.8.2011 17:40 #8

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