LinkedIn reaches 100 million users

LinkedIn reaches 100 million users
LinkedIn has announced this week that it has reached a major milestone, 100 million users.

The company launched in 2003 as a "business social network," linking together professionals and students.

In 2009, the company hit 50 million users and it has taken just over 18 months to get another 50 million.

The company says it now adds a new member every second.

As part of the milestone celebration, LinkedIn posted interesting figures about its membership base:

-56 percent of users are from outside the U.S. and growth remains stronger internationally than in the States.

-Brazil had the strongest growth, 428 percent year-over-year. Mexico, India and France followed.

-LinkedIn usage peaks at noon for desktop, 8pm for mobile devices.

-20 percent of users are in "service" sector, 9 percent are in finance and another 9 percent are in tech industry. There are also 1 million teachers.

When the company IPOs later this year, it is expected to fetch $3 billion.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 24 Mar 2011 0:31
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  • dRD

    As much as I love LinkedIn, it is one of those sites I visit only every now and then, as there's very little to "do" there, even now when people's twitter feeds, etc have been incorporated into it. I don't what it should be that people oughta be doing there, but.. something. Now FB acts as the hub where people post their personal stuff and -- at least in circles that I follow - Twitter is the place where I can follow the industry news and rumors. For me, LinkedIn is sorta like "my automatically updated CV", nothing more.

    Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

    24.3.2011 04:29 #1

  • morean51

    that's true linkedin site very useful one and that great to hear about users number


    24.3.2011 04:56 #2

  • rick5446

    What exactly is LinkedIn , what are the benefits to it

    27.3.2011 13:44 #3

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