Sina replaces Google engine with their own

Sina replaces Google engine with their own
Sina, the second largest online portal in China, has announced today that they have replaced their Google-backed search engine with their new search technology.

Says Sina:

Our contract (with Google) ended this month and the whole website is now using our own search technology.

Google would not comment directly on the move, but did say:

We have had a number of syndication deals with partners in China, and have honored our contractual obligations to them. While we can't comment on specific partnerships, we announced last year that over time we would not be syndicating censored search to partners in China after fulfilling our contractual commitments.

China has 389 million Internet users, but Google has seen its market share fall to under 20 percent, while Baidu takes around 79 percent.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 30 Mar 2011 22:00
Google Sina Search Engine
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  • lissenup3

    Hmmmm............China has banned, frozen or somehow nixed Google or Google-related services how many times now?

    This is expected and just doesn't surprise me. High and mighty shady Chinese should be doing anything to get along with the western world seeing that they have screwed many along the way. How about starting that show of trust by allowing Google?

    31.3.2011 09:33 #1

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