Netflix adding Sons of Anarchy, Glee to streaming library

Netflix adding Sons of Anarchy, Glee to streaming library
Netflix and Twentieth Century Fox have expanded their current streaming deal, adding the very popular series Glee and Sons of Anarchy to the company's "Watch Instantly" streaming library.

Starting today, season 1 of Glee and both seasons of SOA are available for streaming.

Additionally, catalog series like "Ally McBeal" and the "Wonder Years" have been added.

Says Fox:

Our expanded non-exclusive streaming arrangement with Netflix maintains Fox's flexibility to effectively manage both the content we offer, and the appropriate window of availability relative to our other distribution partnerships.We look forward to working with Netflix and our other partners to further enhance the choices available to audiences.

And adds Netflix:

We've worked closely with Fox for the last year to provide our members access to some of the studio's greatest TV franchises and library of both contemporary and classic movies. Our members love TV shows, and making such pop-culture hits like 'Glee' and 'Sons of Anarchy' available to watch instantly reinforces our commitment to provide them a wider selection of programs."

Before the expansion, the deal added many Fox shows to Netflix such as "Lie to Me," "24," "Prison Break," "Arrested Development," "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," and the "X-Files."

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 2 Apr 2011 0:28
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  • shortybob

    Ah, Sons of Anarchy and Glee go together like... Wait, what the f**k?

    2.4.2011 01:11 #1

  • DarthMopar

    After reading this article and hearing all the praise for SOA, I decided to give it a look-see. Pretty good story so far. Glad to see Netflix is finally streaming more watch-worthy movies/series.

    2.4.2011 15:32 #2

  • mscritsm

    Adding "The Wonder Years" could present an interesting legal case. For years, the series could not be put on DVD because it used many classical rock songs for which the rights only included original showing, repeats, and syndication. At that time DVDs had not been invented and VCR tapes of series were apparently not that popular so those rights weren't included. As a result, it was thought to be impossible to ever release the series with the original soundtrack (there were pirated disks released).

    Now Netflix will apparently be streaming "The Wonder Years". I wonder how the streaming rights issue will be resolved. I checked Netflix today, and the series is listed under future DVD release, and not under streaming.

    16.4.2011 02:09 #3

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