Analyst: Atrix and Xoom sales are low

Analyst: Atrix and Xoom sales are low
According to Pacific Crest analyst James Faucette, Motorola Atrix and Xoom sales "have been disappointing."

While shipments remain decent, sell-through of the devices are very low, with the Atrix sales specifically being "well below forecast."

The analyst says the Atrix has been hurt by the cheap prices of the Apple 3GS ($49) and the HTC Inspire ($99). The Atrix, on the other hand, sells for $200 with contract.

Downgrading the company's revenue forecast from $13.7 billion to $12.2 billion, Faucette also warned investors that the company will need to "quickly adjust and refresh its product portfolio" if it wishes to remain relevant.

Neither Motorola nor market leader Apple have revealed the sales figures on their latest tablets, yet.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 6 Apr 2011 2:40
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  • i1der

    Atrix will be successful when going to other providers, now the super premium price xoom have is just not acceptable for an Android tablet, AT still a baby . My 2 cents

    6.4.2011 10:26 #1

  • MReprogle

    Yeah, just wait till they release another phone on Verizon. Besides, it's almost time for original Droid owners' 2 year contract to run out, so you can bet that they are gonna bank on selling the Bionic to the previous Droid owners.

    6.4.2011 12:15 #2

  • Donman1

    No surprise here... their marketing person should be fired. Only an idiot tries to sell and market the super expensive version first (with no apps since it will take some time for that to happen). Then try to sell the more affordable version after the consumers are already pissed off with the product and the crazy service fees.

    I love android and will be waiting for the thinner Samsung tablet which should be release around June this yr.

    7.4.2011 08:10 #3

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