Wii now selling for $170 at Best Buy

Wii now selling for $170 at Best Buy
Best Buy has begun selling the Wii for $170, one month ahead of its expected May 15th price cut.

Leaked images of the proposed price drop began surfacing last week and it appears that retailers have decided to front-run the actual cut so sales don't become stagnant as consumers wait for the price cut.

The drop marks the first time Nintendo has dropped the price since September 2009 when the price went from $250 to $200.

Following the decision, it is rumored Target and other retailers will begin dropping the price on Monday, as well.

Nintendo has sold 86 million Wii since launch, far surpassing the Xbox 360 and PS3, mainly due to its lower price point and "family" marketing.

There has been no word on whether Sony or Microsoft are considering price cuts for their consoles.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 16 Apr 2011 16:27
Best Buy Nintendo Wii Price Cut
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  • GryphB

    I still wouldn't buy one. It's only a matter of time before the new latest and greatest stuff comes out.

    16.4.2011 20:34 #1

  • flyingpen

    ^^Same. If a new one comes out next year and I haven't bought one now then I'll just wait till next year.

    Carpe Noctem

    16.4.2011 20:58 #2

  • Mysttic

    Funny I heard the cut is supposed to be dropped to $150 next month. Maybe this is Best Buys way of trying to suck up $20 more / unit while they can.

    The main issue with the Wii is dead software; no new titles are worth it coming out, and kids with or without adults are getting sick of the same "waggle" games.

    16.4.2011 23:13 #3

  • ntense69

    i haven't had a Nintendo since n64 and i don't like the wii ill stick with my 360 and ps3

    16.4.2011 23:44 #4

  • SuckRaven

    Correct Mysticc.

    The purported Wii 2 is coming soon, here is the article:


    And yes, the Best Buy move just seems like a money-grab before the price everywhere drops to $150.00.


    18.4.2011 14:39 #5

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