'Do Not Track' mode added to latest Safari

'Do Not Track' mode added to latest Safari
Apple appears to have added "Do Not Track" mode to the latest test version of its Safari browser, giving users a chance to browse the Web without having their online activity tracked by marketers.

Ad networks love to be able to view online activity as it helps them send targeted ads, like coupons for stores in your area.

Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox each have their own type of "do not track" modes, so Apple is the laggard in that respect.

In Firefox 4 and IE9, users simply have to tick a box to opt-out of tracking. For Chrome, users need to install an extension called "Keep My Opt-Outs."

The latest version of Safari should be bundled with Apple's upcoming Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 17 Apr 2011 1:58
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  • fanwars

    Bullshit. This "do not track" is like giving your car keys to a stranger and saying him "do not steal".

    19.4.2011 11:19 #1

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