Sony kills off the PSPGo

Sony kills off the PSPGo
Sony has ended production and shipment of the much-maligned PSPGo, discontinuing their handheld "experiment" after just 18 months on the market.

Cnet confirmed the news with Sony reps after a report surfaced this morning on Impress.

Sony will continue to provide updates, repairs and support for the device but will stop producing any more of the console.

The PSPGo, which launched in 2009, removed the UMD drive and changed the form factor of the PSP-3000, adding a slide-out screen. Despite removing a key feature, Sony sold the handheld for $250, and gamers balked, with the PSPGo seeing weak sales since the beginning.

Currently, the handheld sells for $150 and comes with free games but it appears Sony has moved their focus to the upcoming NGP, which boasts impressive specs and will be a true sequel to the PSP.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 20 Apr 2011 23:18
Sony PSPGo Handheld
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  • 21Q

    I need to grab one for collectors sake

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    20.4.2011 23:26 #1

  • ROMaster2

    And nothing of value was lost.

    21.4.2011 00:49 #2

  • shortybob

    Sony should kill off themselves.

    21.4.2011 00:58 #3

  • 3MUK

    i bought one from ebay today for $50 dollars :D

    "You can lead a fool to wisdom but you cant make him think"


    21.4.2011 04:31 #4

  • 3MUK

    Originally posted by Khi2461: spam edited by ddp no

    21.4.2011 09:34 #5

  • pcrazy99

    I guess the PSP Go is being discontinued in Japan but it will still be produced and sold for the U.S.

    21.4.2011 16:45 #6

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