Nintendo confirms Wii successor

Nintendo confirms Wii successor
Nintendo has finally confirmed the successor to the Wii gaming console, two weeks after the rumor fire was set ablaze by a number of reports.

The company will reveal the system at E3 in June with a playable demo.

Nintendo says:
So I won't talk about specific details today, but it will offer a new way of playing games within the home.

For now, the rumors about the console are:

Nintendo is building the system under the codename Project Cafe and may be released very early next year as the Nintendo Stream.

Under the hood, the Stream will run on a custom-built triple-core IBM PowerPC CPU, with "much" faster clock speeds than the Xbox 360. The GPU will be a revamped AMD R700 architecture. The system will support full 1080p output alongside stereoscopic 3D.

For form factor, the system will be the same size as the first-gen Xbox 360s and will look like a "modernized" SNES.

The completely revamped controllers will have integrated touchscreens, with the ability to stream games to each controller. (Check included mockup)

While the console will begin shipping in September, but it appears that Nintendo will not release until early 2012 to ensure they have a huge amount of launch titles and large supply so there are no delays.

Perhaps most importantly, the sources expect the console to sell for $350 at launch, unless Nintendo decides to take a hit on margins and lower the price.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 25 Apr 2011 22:41
Nintendo Wii 2 E3 Stream
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  • RamadiRed (unverified)

    I think the hook is going to be that each controller is also going to have some form of SD card or storage and so you get a home system and a hand held at the same price. Take the game controller with you then come back home it will sync to update the progress you have made on the hand held. Take that and add the 3ds Streetpass. Your kids donít even have to take the controller out of your backpack to play there friends at school. Thatís just my thoughts.

    26.4.2011 10:20 #1

  • Interestx

    Price competitive at launch and with a performance ahead of Xbox 360 & PS3.
    Couple that to having Xbox/PC characteristics (meaning it's easy to port to) and I think they have another big winner on their hands.

    I don't care about whether it uses multiple DVDs (it's not hurt PC gaming), so long as it has networking abilities (which it is sure to).

    26.4.2011 12:11 #2

  • IguanaC64 expensive are those controllers going to be...

    26.4.2011 17:47 #3

  • GryphB

    Looks a little too similar as that of a PS2 controller.

    26.4.2011 19:13 #4

  • emugamer

    Originally posted by GryphB: Looks a little too similar as that of a PS2 controller. Yeah, I can see how the color and screen might make you think that :P

    27.4.2011 06:13 #5

  • IguanaC64

    Those controller screens are going to make emulation a real PITA way down the road. I wonder if they do that on purpose because honestly, that seems just a bit gimmicky for little return value...

    27.4.2011 10:31 #6

  • blueboy09

    Interesting very interesting on price considering that the 3DS is at 250 and the estimate is only 100 more, but of course that's what it is an estimate.

    Chance prepares the favored mind. Look up once in a while and you might learn something. - BLUEBOY

    28.4.2011 18:52 #7

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