Amazon's upcoming tablet to use quad-core Nvidia Tegra Kal-El?

Amazon's upcoming tablet to use quad-core Nvidia Tegra Kal-El?
Although only partially confirmed, we reported earlier this week that Amazon is working on a full family of Android devices for the holidays, including a smartphone, a 6-inch tablet and a 10-inch tablet.

There are little other details but today BGR is saying that the larger tablet will be the first to run on Nvidia's "Kal-El" quad-core processor.

Additionally, the smaller entry level tablet will run on the Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor, with a higher clock speed than seen in most current tablets.

In terms of pricing, speculation is the 6-inch tablet will match Barnes & Noble's $250 Nook Color, while the larger tablet will sell for $400, which would really put a squeeze on Apple, Samsung and others.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 16 May 2011 23:55
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  • NeoandGeo

    Good. The tablets need a shake up in pricing. Hopefully the future with Amazon phones will kill the collective monopoly that cell phone manufacturers/service providers are holding on to.

    17.5.2011 08:53 #1

  • harhumph

    That is great news, I would never pay over $400 for any tablet, I just hope they can provide 32gb internal memory with expandable memory as well. A 6" tablet would be awesome, I don't need a 10" plus size tablet. I still want it semi-portable for a mp3 player.

    17.5.2011 12:37 #2

  • Scaldari

    Kal-El?? isnt that a violation of the Superman Franchise?

    20.5.2011 08:16 #3

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