Apple all set to launch iTunes Cloud service

Apple all set to launch iTunes Cloud service
According to Bloomberg, Apple is all set to launch their iTunes cloud service, having secured licensing agreements with three of the Big 4 labels.

Apple has reached agreements with EMI, Warner Music Group and Sony Music and is close to a deal with Universal Music Group, the largest label in the world.

The new cloud offering would let users save their music on Apple's servers and access it from their iOS devices, wherever they have Internet.

Differentiating the iCloud service from rival offerings by Amazon and Google, is the fact that about 10 to 20 seconds of the music will be saved internally to your device, meaning no delay at all when starting streaming.

Apple, although unconfirmed, may be ready to launch the service at their developer's conference, starting on June 6th.

The service will cost money, but it is unclear how much.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 20 May 2011 14:20
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  • ivymike

    Apple should ask for a napkin and a breath mint after sucking the dicks of the four biggest record labels for the licensing agreements...WTF ever happened to FAIR USE?!?

    Screw software and artistic media patents IMHO.

    20.5.2011 16:16 #1

  • ivymike

    At least Google didn't feel the need to "ask permission" of the media mafia if they could set up a cloud service......

    20.5.2011 16:17 #2

  • ccwdude

    I don't need to save MY music on THEIR servers. I have over a TB of music on MY external HDD's. I also have an iPhone that I have no problem putting music on manually. So now they expect us to use up our non-unlimited data to listen to OUR OWN music, AND PAY TO DO IT. NO THANKS!! I LOVE Apple's products, but I HATE their services.

    20.5.2011 18:27 #3

  • dali

    I hate their services, and also hate their products, for everything they mean. Somebody stop them and let their customers see the light at last! Please! Go, androids, go!

    “You know, it seems that quotes on the internet are becoming less and less reliable.” -Abraham Lincoln.

    21.5.2011 05:32 #4

  • LordRuss

    So WTF happens when the power goes out?

    Cloud this & cloud that. Security is about the last thing I am 'secure' about when it comes to the internet anymore & I'll be damned if I have Apple "keeping an 'I' on it for me. Much less, once again, monitoring with a micro managing fervor of a Nazi stormtrooper after a basketball sized enema concocted of speed, cocaine and jalapeno taking dictation of all my activity and entertainment. Kiss my ass!

    As soon as Steve Jobs sends over his "complete & detailed" list of personal information, then I'll play along. Otherwise, pucker up. I don't care how much chocolate you pour over this fecal bar it's still a shit cake & I'm not buying. I'll take care of my own stuff, thanks anyway.

    If something I said bothers you, then maybe you needed bother'n...

    21.5.2011 13:08 #5

  • bratcher

    As long as I still have the option (like I do at Amazon) so that I can download all the music I buy to my own HDD. What store what I bought on Apple (or anyone elses) cloud service? No way!!

    3.6.2011 08:38 #6

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