CyberLink optimizes products for AMD A-Series APU family

CyberLink optimizes products for AMD A-Series APU family
PowerDVD, PowerDirector, MediaShow and MediaEspresso exploit new AMD hardware.

CyberLink has a track record of trying to keep up with hardware advances in its multimedia products. Now, the company has announced that its flagship products - PowerDVD, PowerDirector, MediaShow and MediaEspresso - have been optimized for the latest AMD A-Series Accelerator Processing Units (APU).

Keeping up with hardware evolution means CyberLink customers can benefit from available hardware acceleration for high-definition (and 3D) playback from Blu-ray, AVCHD etc., enhanced video editing and significantly faster video encoding.

"CyberLink is always striving to innovate the next generation of technology that creates the best consumer media entertainment experience possible," said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink Corp.

"We are delighted to leverage AMD's high-end A-Series APUs on CyberLink's complete product lineup to deliver enhanced and ultra-fast media experiences for consumers."

The popular PowerDVD 11 application leverages hardware acceleration technology of the AMD APUs in decoding Blu-ray, BD3D and AVCHD content, providing smoother Full HD/3D playback with much lower core CPU usage. PowerDirector 9 utilizes AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) technology to gain 2.2x faster rendering speed in tests.

MediaShow 5 gains accelerated facial recognition (up to 1.2x faster in tests) making it easier to find people in large volumes of photos in the application's library. MediaEspresso 6.5 pushes up the speed of its transcoding processes (up to 1.9x in tests), significantly reducing waiting time for users looking to share their HD videos.

"We are excited to work closely with CyberLink on its flagship products optimized for AMD A-Series APUs, enabling their customers to enjoy supercharged performance, brilliant HD and support for DirectX 11," said John Taylor, director, Client Product and Software Marketing, AMD.

"Bringing a theater-quality experience into the home or on the go is an excellent example of the type of must-have consumer application that APUs are designed to accelerate."

Written by: James Delahunty @ 19 Jun 2011 12:08
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  • LordRuss

    HOLY SHIT! Someone is actually going to write code for the AMD family of processors instead of just kissing the honey basted ass of Intel? Say it isn't so?

    It's not that I'm a complete fanboy of AMD, it's just that like (oh, I don't know) a few million other folks that need to up grade; I only have $400/500 for basically the whole upgrade, not just the F*$*ing processor. So a little code schmoozing either CPU would have been nice instead of the Intel salami factory going on over the last 2 years.

    I guess the latest buzz over AMD's newest offering nipping at Sandy britches (or whatever the name of the thing is) has got some the software companies whimpering that they'll have to play ball with AMD again. And then again, maybe not. It's all a fickle industry.

    19.6.2011 14:14 #1

  • oappi

    if i have understood correctly they aren't supporting just AMD prosessor+gpu since they even support intel igpu and of course cuda. Still like you said it is nice that there is at least some companies who really want to support various ways take off load from cpu. I am not big fan of videoediting, but a relative of mine wants to buy new computer and basically heaviest task that he performs is videoediting.. so i should recommend system that does well in that and cyberlink´s effort might just put amd's system on recomended systems list for less expensive option. He has been using very old Pinnacle Studio, but if picture quality is decent while gpu is taking load off the cpu he might go for powerdirector.

    19.6.2011 17:49 #2

  • LordRuss

    Without getting too off topic; most software companies (as of late and any year) cater to whomever is the leader in the CPU market and will specifically write code into their product offing both it and that CPU manufacturer as if they were the performance leader at that time.

    Therefore, unless the following CPU developers build their latest technologies (or something like it) into their CPU or into the architecture of the motherboard that can utilize the existing code, then they don't get to play. That's also when we all get bombarded with updates & glitches and the press starts blasting the manufacturer with bad news, sales take a hit; you start to see how R&D take a hit and it's hard to get anyone to make anything competitive.

    My comment was to make a bastardized soothsayers attempt at mentioning that AMD may once again have a bonus in store for folks coming out here in the 3rd quarter (the projected release of Bulldozer & the cheaper more consumer CPU as well). A great processor that will give this supposed giant Intel a run for their money and two that throwing money down a pit doesn't always mean you're getting the best.

    There'll be arguments of old re-cropping I'm sure... I won't get baited. I got thrown off those boards (that have gone the way of the dodo) long ago and I'm sure the new guys have the energy to take up the torch & run with that. Just saying it's nice to see that someone has let the cat out of the bag and has some foresight.

    Having written that... Wish I had following on my blog that amounted to something. Would certainly like to have a worthy AMD system to report on to get out from under the Intel Sodom-nation.

    20.6.2011 13:19 #3

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