Google acquires SageTV

Google acquires SageTV
Buying the company for an undisclosed amount, Google has confirmed it has purchased DVR and CE Extender company SageTV, which will be immediately integrated into GoogleTV.

SageTV's digital recording software allows users to run media centers for video/audio/picture playback and "its Placeshifter software lets users watch TV on any device with a high-speed Internet connection."

Reads the site of the acquired company:

Since 2002, weve worked to change the TV viewing experience by building cutting-edge software and technology that allows you to create and control your media center from multiple devices. And as the media landscape continues to evolve, we think its time our vision of entertainment management grows as well. By teaming up with Google, we believe our ideas will reach an even larger audience of users worldwide on many different products, platforms and services.

SageTV has shut down its site, minus the splash page talking about the acquisition, but the founders of the company said all current SageTV software and set-top box owners will have nothing to worry about in terms of ongoing support for their products.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 20 Jun 2011 3:26
Google SageTV
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  • LordRuss

    Had it not been for this article I wouldn't have even known SageTV even existed.

    Having written that line of pure ignorance... they are, apparently, no more...

    I find it interesting that the original owners 'think' Google is going to allow them to continue on their merry way with their R&D and that the current customers are still going to maintain service for very long.

    This story will have a bit more to come, I'm sure.

    20.6.2011 14:15 #1

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