Nokia unveiled the first MeeGo phone

Nokia unveiled the first MeeGo phone
Nokia unveiled ealier today the company's first MeeGo touting handset. As previously leaked in the pictures the phone comes in a slate form factor and is called Nokia N9. The phone features a 3,9 inch AMOLED display with 854 by 480 pixel resolution, a single-core one gigahertz CPU, up to 64 gigabytes of storage, and runs MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan.

The slate previously dubbed as codename Lankku was indeed released under the name N9, even though rumors from months and months back had N9 in a QWERTY slider form factor. Adding to the 1GHz CPU the MeeGo phone comes with gigabyte of RAM memory, pentaband WCDMA and quadband GSM, 8 megapixel AF camera with dual LED flash, and all the necessary connectivity features including NFC.

The single piece body is made of polycarbonate and comes with three colors -- black, magenta and cyan. One of the distinct features of N9 is the slightly curved display.

Nokia did not yet give the N9 a release date or estimated price.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 21 Jun 2011 5:34
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  • NHS2008

    Specs look solid, but the UI seems boring and under eqipped. I actually mistook it for N8! I hope they won't overprice it.. Btw the music in the video sucks! esp. the last 10 or so seconds! disgusting!

    21.6.2011 06:16 #1

  • ST2006

    Ah no one really even cares for this phone though, but Nokia always bundle quality with their mobiles. What I don't understand is why did they bother with MeeGo and Windows P7 - they should've just jumped on the Android bandwagon which would've saved them so much money in development/time/negotiation so they could offer really sexy specs on their phones that blow away all the other android competition.

    The thing I miss about my N95 - the Carl Zeiss lens and the superior picture quality. My HTC Desire just doesn't seem to have that same ability!


    21.6.2011 08:42 #2

  • robertmro


    Should be MeToo.

    23.6.2011 08:15 #3

  • GernBlan

    .....and no one cared.

    This was a complete waste of time. Nokia has already announced that they're going completely Windows on all future phones. That's like HTC releasing an Android v1.5 phone.

    23.6.2011 13:44 #4

  • NHS2008

    MeeGo(on launch): ME COME!!!
    **Silence, rustling leaves**
    MeeGo: :( :'( MeSad...MeCry, MeGO!

    23.6.2011 16:41 #5

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