Apple facing scrutiny over anti-competitive practices in India

Apple facing scrutiny over anti-competitive practices in India
A Competition Commission of India official has said today that a complaint was filed against Apple alleging anti-competitive practices in regards to sales of the iPhone 4 in the nation.

The complaint alleges that Apple has broken the law by only offering the phone via two carrier, Bharti Airtel and Aircel.

Speaking anonymously, the official says the Commission is looking into the complaint and whether it requires further action.

Apple says it has not received notice from the Commission yet but waved off the complaint, adding they sell the iPhone unlocked through the operators and that all data plans bundled by the operators are optional.

As long as you have a GSM SIM card, you can use the unlocked iPhone 4 in India.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 22 Jun 2011 12:50
Apple iPhone 4 India Anti-competitive
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  • smiler123

    An American giant with a monopoly. Wow!

    22.6.2011 18:07 #1

  • chrialex

    Hmm, they say that they offered it unlocked so anyone could use it on any network. If that is the only reason it was not illegal there, doesn't that mean that only offering it on AT&T initially in the US was illegal? Sounds like a catch-22. Or is it only legal that way over here?

    23.6.2011 03:50 #2

  • pmshah

    If what Apple claims is true why is it not available in other retail outlets. Are they trying to tell us that we can buy the phone WITHOUT any plan whatsoever?

    Half of the carriers give away the SIM cards for free others sell SIM cards for under US$ 2.50 equivalent. We have total mobile number portability in India.

    In this case Bharti and Aircel become just Indian distribution channels!

    24.6.2011 02:54 #3

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