Apple releases Final Cut Pro X video editor

Apple releases Final Cut Pro X video editor
Apple rebuilds popular pro video editing software from the ground up.

Final Cut Pro X is a 64-bit application designed to work on the latest Mac systems in the market. The new iteration of the popular software tours a new Content Auto-Analysis feature that categorizes content on import by shot type, media and people, and a new Magnetic Timeline that lets you add and arrange clips wherever you want them, while other clips instantly slide out of the way.

Using Clip Connections, you can link primary story clips to other elements such as titles and sound effects, so they stay in perfect sync when you move them along the Timeline. Related story elements can be combined into a Compound Clip that can be edited as a single clip.

The Content Auto-Analysis feature scans media upon import and tags the content with information that helps it organize the clips into Smart Collections letting you filter clips easily by the type of shot (close, medium, wide) or by the amount of people in them. An Auditions feature lets you swap between a collection of clips to compare alternative takes easily.

"Final Cut Pro X is the biggest advance in Pro video editing since the original Final Cut Pro," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. "We have shown it to many of the world's best Pro editors, and their jaws have dropped."

"I'm blown away by what Apple has done with Final Cut Pro," said Angus Wall, Academy Award-winning film editor. "Final Cut Pro X is incredibly modern and fast, but most importantly it lets you focus on telling your story in the most creative way, while it actively manages all of the technical details."

Magnetic Timeline


Compound Clips

Final Cut Pro X is available for $299.99 from the Mac App Store. Two optional applications are also available to be used alongside Final Cut Pro X; Motion 5 and Compressor 4 for $49.99 each.

Get an overview of the program features here.

Tech specifications (including minimum requirements) are available here.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 22 Jun 2011 19:41
Apple Final Cut Pro X
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  • KillerBug

    LoL...$300 for a video app that can't even do bluray. Pathetic.

    22.6.2011 21:42 #1

  • xnonsuchx

    "Export and burn DVD, AVCHD disc, and Blu-ray disc."

    23.6.2011 07:18 #2

  • LordRuss

    I remember trying to use this in 2002. I'm sure it's a beautiful program, but the Macs were such unruly machinery I never got a true feel for what it could do. I.e., time = money. Equally so, I've wondered why they didn't/wouldn't cater to the PC market either.

    I'm sure there's a valid reason (don't beat me up), I wasn't pining enough to scour the earth to find it. The reason that is.

    Although, juxtaposing a $300 program against a $1000 one tends to leave a bit of a head scratcher too.

    23.6.2011 09:37 #3

  • Pop_Smith

    Originally posted by LordRuss: Equally so, I've wondered why they didn't/wouldn't cater to the PC market either. It's an Apple product and so they are trying to sell more hardware by making it only for Mac OS X.

    Of course, I'd think it would be smart to make a PC version as the application is supposedly one of the best at its price segment. Not to mention video editing would be a lot quicker with a six-core i7-980. <-- Brian Regan "Take Luck" video.

    "The only people who should buy Monster cable are people who light cigars with Benjamins." - Gizmodo

    23.6.2011 12:10 #4

  • LordRuss

    Originally posted by Pop_Smith: Not to mention video editing would be a lot quicker with a six-core i7-980. I tend to aggressively agree. Frankly, I think it would be proficient on anything other than the Mac OS, seeing as hardware really isn't much of an issue anymore.

    23.6.2011 13:06 #5

  • omegaman7

    If apple wants to impress me, they'll make it available to windows/linux users. I'm not buying an apple/mac. Forget it...

    Until then, adobe premiere pro, and Sony Vegas will suffice :p

    Perhaps one day I can build a cheap crapple, so I can see what all the hype is about.

    Fisher price for adults

    Mobo Gigabyte 790XTA-UD4 CPU Phenom II 965BE C3 step @ 3.9Ghz 1.375V RAM Ripjaws F3-12800CL7D-4GBRM 8,8,8,24 1T 1.65V Cpu Cooler ECO-R120 (ALC) GPU BFG GTX 260(216 cores) PSU HX750W
    Resident Photoshop Freakazoid

    23.6.2011 13:25 #6

  • Forgeit

    Most importantly I want to know if the package box is available in White ... not just black ....that is really important to me.

    It look awfully like what Pinnacle, now Avid did 10 years ago ... on a PC platform ...Oh so now it does Bluray after all these years, well whoopey do, just like the iPhone going to 3G when everyone else had had it for years ...don't try to sucker me Jobs , I am brighter than you....

    So this isn't really Final Cut Pro is it ? more like the precursor to the next inevitable version ...more like a not really Final Final Cut Pro.. possibly a better title...
    A bit like the recently leaked iPhone 5... one day it will work and catch up with real phones but probably not in my lifetime...Steve Jobs needs the money ...keep em hooked d'em dere iSheep...

    It all got better again all over again , and again ...


    Fitvideo ...

    24.6.2011 14:56 #7

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