LulzSec now in apparent 'war' with other group?

LulzSec now in apparent 'war' with other group?
The blog LulzSec Exposed has posted today that hacking group LulzSec has now gotten into an apparent online 'war' with long-time hacking group TeaMp0iSoN.

TeaMp0iSoN even defaced the main page of Swen Slootweg, who allegedly goes by the name "Joepie91" in LulzSec (pictured).

Sabu, the alleged leader of the group, tweeted today that TeaMp0iSoN is a joke and hit the wrong target, as Joepie91 is not part of the group.

Earlier in the day, Ryan Clearly was arrested in the UK, an IRC operator for the group, with all chat logs being taken by the FBI, SOCA and Interpol.

Additionally, someone going by the name of "R3d_Penguin" posted a chat log between Topiary (another alleged member) and himself in which Topiary (aka Daniel) admits to being a member and being forced to deny. Topiary also plans to frame another user with the same nickname.

That chat log is here.

Overall, it has been an eventful start to the week for LulzSec in the news, whether or not any of it is real.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 21 Jun 2011 23:33
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  • xnonsuchx

    After the past few years of immature, damaging (and potentially so) hacker BS, I really wouldn't lose any sleep if those who get arrested aren't treated fairly.

    22.6.2011 03:02 #1

  • KillerBug

    Originally posted by xnonsuchx: After the past few years of immature, damaging (and potentially so) hacker BS, I really wouldn't lose any sleep if those who get arrested aren't treated fairly. Even if they were not the malicious hackers? Even if all the "hacking" they ever did was installing a CFW?

    22.6.2011 03:23 #2

  • LordRuss

    I thought a soap opera between Anon & BallSack had already been pre-established? What's with starting a new 'mob' war or is this possibly a 'flipping' of members and this is how they expose or execute the traitors? Kind of like they do when spies get burned.

    22.6.2011 11:10 #3

  • KillerBug

    It seems like everyone is turning on everyone else. Typical...they could do great things if they worked together, but instead they turn each other in to the police (and possibly innocent people as well).

    22.6.2011 12:12 #4

  • LordRuss

    Gotta love 'turf' wars. Does the work for the police every time. But just as you said, there's innocent collateral damage. I could care less for the criminal hides. Live by the sword...

    And still... to what ends? I'll bet it's going to be a tired Hollywood cliche'... money. It always seems to be. It certainly isn't honor. They're too childish in their actions for any of this to be revenge & god knows they're blindingly too disorganized and schizophrenic to watch the world burn because that would have happened by now.

    So honestly, what's the entertainment value? I'd love to do the interview.

    22.6.2011 14:31 #5

  • brockie

    what goes around comes around.

    22.6.2011 15:13 #6

  • dEwMe

    I still say the more these people get away with the worse it will be for the rest of us. I can't even imagine the kind of regulation those small government minds are looking to put on us to stop this crap...So I say bust em all and make an example out of them if it will take any of the coming heat off the rest of us! Those of us that truly haven't done anything.

    Just my $0.02,


    22.6.2011 15:52 #7

  • LordRuss

    I feel your pain dew... All legislation seems to do is continue to keep the already law abiding citizens at bay.

    Someone had already earlier tried to pontificate to me the luxuries of law, to which I say 'great', but again I say, reactionary. It deals with the situation 'after' something has happened. How about something proactive?

    I mean, part of me says "return to the old west" & shoot them, but frontier justice isn't exactly a fix either. I suppose I am saying we need to look at solutions that take a hard ethical resolve & leave the morals out of the equation, as those are definitely gumming up a bunch of the works. Here in the US anyway.

    Simply put, what is/has been done isn't working so what was once deemed radical might not seem so quite out of the ordinary any more. Not that I've heard any wonder drug on the horizon.

    22.6.2011 16:07 #8

  • brockie

    @KillerBug what great things would they be then?

    22.6.2011 20:33 #9

  • KillerBug

    Originally posted by brockie: @KillerBug what great things would they be then? Essentially the initial goal of go after organizations that are clearly violating the law or doing something that the vast majority would consider to be highly immoral and getting away with it because of their size and/or political power. Drop the "Lulz" from the mission statement...pranks are for children.

    Oh, and if they wanted to hack into Sony, steal the 3.65 source code, and put it online, I wouldn't hold that against them ;)

    22.6.2011 23:19 #10

  • Jeffrey_P

    Self destruction by a bunch of immature brats.
    I knew this would happen, but not sure when it would.

    23.6.2011 01:28 #11

  • leemoo

    Its funny when someone gets caught or named they just say...."there nothing to do with the group" LMAO....denial is a great thing!!

    Just grow some balls and take ownership of the sh*t you cause...Man Up!!!
    Or don't bother doing it.

    23.6.2011 05:39 #12

  • LordRuss

    Wait a minute... I just read the article again... It said he was going to "frame" another...

    Far be it for me to smack someone for playing semantics, god knows I suck at it, but if you "frame" someone here in the US for a crime it means you committed the crime, but made it look like someone else did it.

    And KB, you're right... "if" Anon would take a more Robin Hood approach to their activities I wouldn't have a problem with them either. It's the childish crap people are definitely tired of & what's got governments ready to execute them on sight. Or as I am beginning to call it, from games to gunned down.

    23.6.2011 09:18 #13

  • smiler123

    I suppose DDoS attacks in the right hands can be a valid form of protest but in the hands of kids its just destructive nonsense.

    23.6.2011 15:49 #14

  • brockie

    @KillerBug pointless they change nothing what can you change hiding away.

    24.6.2011 14:19 #15

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