Google to receive subpoenas from FTC

Google to receive subpoenas from FTC
Following an investigation into their search business, the FTC is set to subpoena Google, in a move that has sent Google's share price tumbling even further.

Google has fallen another 11 points after having a rough month to $476 per share following the news.

Competitors have accused Google of favoring its own Google-backed service in search results.

Complaints have come from smaller companies like Yelp, and from much bigger companies like Expedia and Microsoft, who each claim Google's behavior "starves" them of traffic, says the WSJ.

The search giant is already under investigation by European regulators for the same anti-trust behavior.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 23 Jun 2011 12:53
Google FTC Lawsuit Anti-Trust
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  • WierdName

    ... Anti-trust? Really? When other companies come out with as good of a search engine that isn't just a faceplated Google, then they have a case. I could be unaware, but if Google isn't doing anything to the competitors, those companies have no case against Google or excuse for not providing as good of service. As far as I can tell, Google dominates because they started with a GOOD searching cache and algorithm to get the company going and further develop. Not to mention Yahoo is pretty popular. This would be like filing an Anti-Trust case against Ford when they started using the assembly line.

    Doesnt expecting the unexpected make the unexpected expected and therefore mean youre expecting the expected which was the unexpected until you expected it?
    "Opinions are immunities to being told were wrong." - Relient K

    23.6.2011 16:47 #1

  • SomeBozo

    Google is still simply a better search engine, bing is still sucks, better than nothing, but standing on it's own merits bing still is not very good.

    What is annoying about this report "micro$oft & Expedia" both complained of the practice... Well both are essentially the same company in my mind. For me this is a thinly veiled complaint by micro$oft it self, remember Expedia spun off as a separate product from inside micro$oft.

    24.6.2011 12:25 #2

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