PCI Express 4.0 to double throughput to 16 GT/s

PCI Express 4.0 to double throughput to 16 GT/s
PCI group doesn't see need to abandon copper interconnects just yet.

According to reports from the PCI SIG (PCI Special Interest Group) developers conference, PCI Express 4.0 is expected to deliver at least 16 GT/s when it debuts, double the 8 GT/s throughput achieved with PCIe Gen 3. The next advancement of PCI Express isn't expected to make a hardware debut for about four years.

"The initial report we got yesterday is a PCI Express 4.0 is feasible--we have to work out the details, but it is feasible," said Al Yanes, president of the PCI SIG. A group that includes AMD, HP, IBM and Intel have been carrying out experiments and have determined 16 GT/s is possible without having to jump to optical interconnects.

"We think we can eke out one more turn of the crank out of copper, so we are not looking at optics yet," chairman of the PCI SIG's serial communications working chair, Ramin Neshanti, said.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 24 Jun 2011 22:46
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