Amazon adds unlimited option to Cloud Drive, iPad app

Amazon adds unlimited option to Cloud Drive, iPad app
Amazon has created an unlimited option for its Cloud Drive, giving users a chance to save every song ever written in the cloud for $20 a year.

Additionally, the company has also created a native iPad app, "Cloud Player for the iPad."

The Cloud Player was launched in March for Android devices natively, and as a Web-browser-based option for iOS devices.

Amazon, Google and Apple have all recently unveiled cloud offerings for users with large collections that want to have access on the go.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 6 Jul 2011 23:03
Amazon Music Cloud Player
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  • KillerBug

    Neat...I wonder if I can upload movie backups if I rename them to .mp3; that would be a whole lot better than a firesafe, and $20 a year is a good price for a few dozen terabytes.

    7.7.2011 03:21 #1

  • Mr_Bill06

    Right from Amazon - Over 100 MB: Uploading files that are over 100 MB in size is currently not supported. If you have music files of this size that you would like to add to Cloud Player we recommend you re-encode them at a lower bit rate to reduce the file size. For information on how to do this see Converting files below.

    7.7.2011 08:13 #2

  • LordRuss

    Hhm, storing 'my' stuff on another guys HDD... With the chance that this guy can cross check my 'music' list against some form of purchase list (from somewhere, of some kind) in an attempt to validate their client. Cause you know Amazon doesn't do anything illegal & wouldn't want to be known to have supported individuals owning illegally gained material.

    A fire chest & chances with a HDD crash are still better than "X" number of years in prison & "X" number of $'s in debt & restitution money to idiots that didn't even earn it in the first place.

    Cloud... The only thing that keeps it from being a clod is ...

    7.7.2011 12:12 #3

  • KillerBug

    I own my music and movies...that isn't what I am worried about. Most of my movies and cds were lost in a flood a couple years back...I literally have tens of thousands of dollars worth of media that I paid for, but which I only have digital copies of (the water never got that high).

    Too bad I can't trust amazon with data (they have shown that repeatedly...most notably wikileaks)...a 100mb limit isn't really a restriction when archives can be split...but knowing that they might delete my data at any time and for any reason (or no reason) makes it less reliable than a single hard drive, let alone a RAID array.

    8.7.2011 01:19 #4

  • LordRuss

    @KillerBug... OOooo, yeah, that's gotta hurt too. I have thousands wrapped up in media as well & feel your pain. So regurgitating the "mom put her money in the mattress..." story becomes both bothersome & redundant. It's simply a problem & one that boils down to having to trust ones own decisions & ability to control the outcome.

    I've tried to teach my kids that other people aren't going to treat/protect your belongings like you do, thus trusting that individual is going to have to be paramount in relation to what you're intrusting them with. All I can do is hope they were listening, but then I am the 250 pound fat bastard in the room...

    8.7.2011 12:03 #5

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