Hulu Plus reaches 1 million users

Hulu Plus reaches 1 million users
Hulu CEO Jason Kilar has said this week that the company has already reached 1 million users, with 875,000 being paid subscribers.

The company set a goal last year to reach 1 million paying subscribers by the end of 2011 and appears to be way ahead of schedule.

Because there are at least 125,000 on free trials right now, 1 million could be accessible within months if a good amount convert over.

Kilar notes that June was one of their biggest months ever, with the company adding more subscribers in the month than in April and May combined.

Overall, Gigaom says the service has 15,000 hours of video and 28,000 TV episodes.

Hulu, after receiving an unsolicited bid from Yahoo last month has actively put itself up for sale and has been in talks with Google and Microsoft.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 6 Jul 2011 22:01
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  • wg1

    They just lost one yesterday when I unsubscribed. It wasn't just the frequent commercials that turned me off, but the out of sync audio when the show continued after the commercial break. It happened so frequently that I just decided it wasn't worth the $7.99 a month I was paying for it. Still lots to watch on Netflix and they don't force you to sit through advertising or sound issues.

    10.7.2011 04:54 #1

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