Review: Spotify Free for U.S.

Review: Spotify Free for U.S.
Following almost two years of delays, Spotify for the U.S. has launched today, in three variations.

Spotify U.S. has an invite-only free version, a $4.99-per-month ad-free version, and a $10 ad-free "premium" version which allows for unlimited streaming on mobile.

The service has had a free offering in Europe, limited to 10 hours a week, while monthly subscriptions cost 9.99 for unlimited music via your PC or mobile device.

I was given access to the free ad-supported version of Spotify U.S. this morning and so far it has been fantastic.

Read the review here: Spotify Free for U.S., worth the wait?

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 14 Jul 2011 12:42
Spotify Free Launch U.S. Review
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  • WierdName

    Fir... Naw, I'm not that juvenile. This looks interesting though. Already submitted an invite request. I've been mooching on a Napster ToGo subscription and it'll be interesting to see how their catalog stacks up.

    Doesnt expecting the unexpected make the unexpected expected and therefore mean youre expecting the expected which was the unexpected until you expected it?
    "Opinions are immunities to being told were wrong." - Relient K

    15.7.2011 14:54 #1

  • karlos_uk (unverified)

    You wont be disappointed with Spotify - Ive used the free version in the UK for over two years and its a slick, amazing service that I couldnt live without. Dont expect to get much else done though...

    11.10.2011 19:59 #2

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