PayPal gives up the goods on 1000 Anonymous DDoS attackers

PayPal gives up the goods on 1000 Anonymous DDoS attackers
Last December, hacktivist group Anonymous carried out a DDoS attack on online transaction giant PayPal.

The company says today that they collected well over 1000 IP addresses for those responsible and have passed on the info to the FBI.

PayPal was targeted because they froze the donation account of WikiLeaks.

The site says they collected traffic logs via a Radware intrusion prevention system installed on its network.

FBI officials say the 1000 IP addresses handed over were responsible for most of the malicious packets sent during the attack.

A lot of the packets contained strings that included "wikileaks," and "goodnight."

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 29 Jul 2011 16:39
PayPal hacking FBI wikileaks
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  • oneguy

    That sucks.

    30.7.2011 19:01 #1

  • themind

    Only 1000? That's funny.

    31.7.2011 21:42 #2

  • Necrosaro

    F Paypal, I have been screwed by paypal (not buyers, etc) several times. Like a couple grand held for 180 days and not able to withdraw, all while they gain interest on it, and of course they pocket the interest while I have to wait 6 months to get my money.

    5.8.2011 14:20 #3

  • champman

    Most of those IPs were probably proxies, unless some silly kids yet again use their own IPs. Good job their security held up too and actually retains their data!

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    6.8.2011 02:05 #4

  • Jeffrey_P

    Never mind
    Sleepy.... ZZZZzzzzzz

    Cars, Guitars & Radiation.

    6.8.2011 04:08 #5

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