Fox's 8-day delay on Hulu videos causing piracy?

Fox's 8-day delay on Hulu videos causing piracy?
Starting last week, Fox began delaying posting its new shows on Hulu for 8 days, unless you have a Hulu Plus subscription or are a DISH Network subscriber.

TorrentFreak is now saying that this new mandate is already causing a large spike in piracy.

Shows such as Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef have seen piracy increase 114 percent and 189 percent, respectively, in just the first 5 days.

Other, more popular shows like Family Guy and The Simpsons are likely to see even bigger spikes in piracy, when they return for new seasons.

It should be pretty obvious to media companies by now that if you are not making shows available for free online, users are not going to just stop watching them, they will use whatever methods possible to watch them as soon as they can.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 23 Aug 2011 12:23
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  • KSib

    People really shouldn't expect that stuff for free... I'd understand what they were doing if people paid for Hulu plus and still had to wait the 8 days, but this is silly and also why we can't have nice things for that long.

    23.8.2011 16:33 #1

  • KillerBug

    Free? I pay for FiOS...and Fox charges them an arm and a leg to rebroadcast their OTA signal to me. I PAY FOR FOX...just because I don't have DISH network, that does not mean that I didn't pay for it. I also pay for a DVR...but this thing sucks and it often screws up I wouldn't even see it as piracy to download an episode that I just least it isn't piracy if it is the only way to access that show.

    23.8.2011 21:42 #2

  • KSib

    People are getting spoiled as hell by the week...

    24.8.2011 02:07 #3

  • xtago

    humm priacy spike due to some shows not being on 1 online tv service for 8 days.


    Talk about over rating Hulu.

    What about ALL the other services and ALL these services are only in the USA so once your outside the USA all these services mean fuck all.

    24.8.2011 07:46 #4

  • slackdast

    I have HBO, but because of something coming up, I couldn't watch the latest True Blood when it aired, and HBO, in it's wisdom, doens't play it a couple hours later (like Showtime and other channels do). You can't get it "On Demand" for like a week or something. Of course, the cable company wants me to pay extra for their "dvr" services.

    Screw that, I downloaded it and watched it an hour later.

    If the media companies want to be stupid, whatever. It will be their loss.

    24.8.2011 09:03 #5

  • Jimathome

    When did the RIAA and others get the right to change the dictionary meaning of words, After the establishment of copyright law with the 1709 Statute of Anne in Britain, the term "piracy" has been used to refer to the unauthorized manufacturing and selling of works in copyright.
    Someone downloading an episode of a show because it's the only way to obtain it and only for personal viewing ie: not for profit or sale, can not be considered piracy, a misdemeanor at most surely ? Perhaps if Hollywood ensured the availibility of it's products at an reasonable price they wouldn't need to attempt to have there lawyers push for the death penalty in such cases.
    I however have my doubts with in my opinion so many corrupt politicians and Judges clearly in their pockets !

    24.8.2011 10:44 #6

  • Steveman123 (unverified)

    Originally posted by KSib: People really shouldnt expect that stuff for free... Id understand what they were doing if people paid for Hulu plus and still had to wait the 8 days, but this is silly and also why we cant have nice things for that long. If you have Hulu plus you still have to wait

    25.9.2011 12:20 #7

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