Tablet sales to reach 250 million by 2017

Tablet sales to reach 250 million by 2017
Research firm InStat has concluded today that tablet sales will reach 250 million by 2017.

Tablets will continue to grow in sales as the market has reached an "inflection point through the combination of a new device (the Apple iPad), new business models supported by wireless operators, and new usage models through cloud computing and mobile applications."

Many different companies are also joining in the mix, like RIM and Microsoft which should lead to exponential growth starting next year.

Says Jim McGregor, Chief Technology Strategist:

The tablet market and its associated ecosystem are still evolving. Over the next few generations we will see more differentiation between devices that are targeting different market segments and usage models. In addition, competitive device and service pricing will bring tablets into the mainstream consumer and enterprise markets. Tablets are joining an array of smart-connected devices that allow users almost unlimited access to content and communications. These new devices mark a significant change in the value change of the electronics industry where the content and applications are now the key differentiators and innovation drivers.

The company also says the 9-to-11-inch form factor will remain dominant, controlling 56 percent share by 2017. iOS and Android will control 90 percent market share, with Windows at 10 percent. RIM and others are not expected to control any share.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 23 Aug 2011 13:38
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  • KillerBug

    Since the poster was too lazy to post a source, I'll just that 250 million total sold by 2017, or 250 million sold in 2017 alone?

    24.8.2011 06:03 #1

  • plutonash

    I guess no one has faith in windows 8&9 when it comes to the tablet sector..Winows 8 looks like it could be a unique OS for tablets, I'm surprised that they would only control 10%..

    "Cable thief is a victimless crime."

    24.8.2011 10:04 #2

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