UK police arrest LulzSec member 'Kayla'

UK police arrest LulzSec member 'Kayla'
British authorities have arrested two men in connection with Anonymous and LulzSec, including the allegedly important member 'Kayla.'

Kayla is said to be one of the members behind the attack on Internet security firm HB Gary Federal, which involved breaking into the company's computers and servers and stealing tens of thousands of internal emails.

The Metro Police say they arrested two men yesterday in Yorkshire, a 24-year old and a 20-year-old.

In conjunction with the FBI, the Metro Police say the arrests were due to an investigation "into a series of serious computer intrusions and online denial-of-service attacks recently suffered by a number of multinational companies, public institutions and government and law enforcement agencies in Great Britain and the United States."

Kayla, according to lulzsecexposed, pretended to be a 16-year-old girl in interviews and online.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 2 Sep 2011 11:02
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  • dEwMe

    ROFL!!! They always did say that hot chick you're cybersexing online is really a fat hairy guy! Here's your proof!!!

    Just my $0.02,


    4.9.2011 14:13 #1

  • xtago

    You can't hide on the net only pretend to hide.

    4.9.2011 15:05 #2

  • LordRuss

    Okay, they've arrested a couple more guys... I still think they haven't really gotten anywhere. The authorities are only finding bodies & lousy motives fror the crimes committed. No real weapons of destruction or smoking gun (if you will) nor the the ever illusive Blofeld. Basically, several mentally retarded individuals willing to 'say' they were involved with one of the aforementioned organizations, dance around in public in a drunken stupor adorning a "V" mask to be hauled in as another member...

    As the public, we've heard nothing more. Those people have become nothing other than Ensign Lebowitz' (or for us old farts in the the know, Star Trek 'red shirts')

    Given from what I've learned on how government affairs works, they're going to always be about 12 steps behind. Thus, they will always have a propensity to be reactive, never proactive.

    They are always never budgeted properly, so they will be victimized by not only the individuals they are hunting, but also the lowest bidding vendor paid to aid them in their endeavor.

    Meanwhile, as they 'try' to apply a new science to capture the criminals, the cheapness of these discoveries will continue to fall into the hands of the criminals & push the judicial branches further behind in their efforts to thwart crime.

    I'm not running for office, nor am I a prophet of doom or equally saying I have an immediate better idea for resolution other than to say a definite proactive approach to the problem is needed & pinching pennies, fleecing the public & lacing ones pockets is not going to get it done.

    5.9.2011 15:40 #3

  • xboxdvl2

    they probably got caught on purpose.the real question should be what were anonymous and lulzsec doing when these 2 got caught.

    R.I.P. mr 1990 ford myself a 1993 toyota corolla seems to run good.computers still going good.

    6.9.2011 07:26 #4

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