'Angry Birds' headed to Starbucks, B&N?

'Angry Birds' headed to Starbucks, B&N?
Rovio Entertainment, the company behind the blockbuster franchise 'Angry Birds' has confirmed today that they are working on partnerships with B&N and Starbucks in an effort to sell a broader range of products.

For Starbucks, Rovio will have in-store promotions, such as electronic leader boards or the ability to buy special virtual goods.

For Barnes & Noble, the company already has electronic leader boards but wants to add books and stuffed animals.

Says Rovio:

It’s tying in the real world with the virtual world. Retailers get new customers who’ve not been to their stores yet, and repeat customers. However, while we are always looking for great partnerships to better meet the needs of our customers, at this time we have no announcements regarding any work with Rovio Entertainment.

Angry Birds has been downloaded 350 million times to mobile devices.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 20 Sep 2011 13:23
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  • RichardvonBacon

    Talk about milking a (almost) dead cow. Who buys this crap?

    20.9.2011 15:51 #1

  • Mrguss

    Originally posted by RichardvonBacon: Talk about milking a (almost) dead cow. Who buys this crap? lol :)))


    21.9.2011 06:05 #2

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