Apple adding new security personnel

Apple adding new security personnel
Thanks to its second high-profile case in which an employee lost a prototype of an upcoming iPhone, Apple is hiring two new security personnel in an effort to fight theft of its product.

Additionally, the new personnel will be in charge of fighting against the growing amount of counterfeiting done of Apple products.

The two new "experienced professionals" will join the company that in the past has hired ex-FBI agents as well as intelligence and law enforcement vets to protect their investments.

One security consulting firm, TraceSecurity, says Apple's paranoia is at least warranted:

Corporate espionage, that’s big money. Billion-dollar money. The paranoia is justified. Whatever they’re trying to do, their competitors want to know. Everybody wants to know.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 19 Sep 2011 21:53
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  • jonyjoe101

    they shouldnt be leaving there prototypes at the bar then they dont have to hire more gestapo agents. How is a iphone left at a bar by a drunk considered stolen? I dont leave my valuables just lying around and hope no one takes them. In this world its finders keepers, some people will return stuff they find but maybe less then one percent, its just human nature.

    19.9.2011 23:44 #1

  • Jeffrey_P


    Cars, Guitars & Radiation.

    20.9.2011 01:37 #2

  • KillerBug

    What a load of crap...the iPhone wasn't stolen; it was found...and the guy tried to give it back but apple refused it...then a few days later they raid someone else's office because he bought the phone that Apple claimed they didn't want back.

    On top of that, this was a very long time ago; it is like buying insurance 15 months after a car crash; is generally a good idea, but if you learned your lesson from the crash, why did you then wait 15 months?

    Something tells me that their real goal is to make iPhone jailbreaking harder, because Apple knows their customers want jailbroken phones, and apple doesn't like to make customers happy.

    20.9.2011 05:28 #3

  • plutonash

    I doubt a good majority of iPhone owners even know what jailbreaking is or how to do it. I am appalled when I see people on Facebook proclaim that apple can do no wrong and that everyone else copies them. Its sick how ignorant people are. Everyone who has any smartphone knows there's a lot of things that it could be better at. Nothing ever leaves you completely satisfied.

    "Cable thief is a victimless crime."

    20.9.2011 10:20 #4

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