Dish, Blockbuster look to pounce on wounded Netflix

Dish, Blockbuster look to pounce on wounded Netflix
Dish and Blockbuster are expected to announce their new streaming service this week, taking advantage of the recent weakness in market leader Netflix.

At launch, the service will only be for Dish subscribers, but is expected to have a wide release later this year.

Calling it "the most comprehensive home entertainment package ever," Dish will unveil the details on Friday.

Blockbuster, which was saved from death earlier this year by Dish, has come back leaner in the brick-and-mortar business but stronger in its online presence with a DVD-by-mail service and a VOD service.

Although unconfirmed, there are reports that the new offering could include Starz content. Netflix will lose its Starz content in February when a four-year deal runs out.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 20 Sep 2011 12:45
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  • Mr-Movies

    They may be able to compete with Netflix now that Dish has taken over but one big problem will be there Disc stock. Netflix carries most everything and Blockbuster only focuses on New Release so I would need to see if that changes before switching over.

    22.9.2011 16:50 #1

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