Google wins battle to submit bid for US government cloud services

Google wins battle to submit bid for US government cloud services
Google has dropped a complaint against the US Department of the Interior (DOI) claiming the agency improperly awarded a cloud services contract to Microsoft in violation of a federal law governing the bidding process.

Google's lawsuit stemmed from a DOI decision to exclude their Google Apps for Government service from consideration when they decided to adopt cloud-based services. One of the reasons given at the time was a lack of certification for Google's government oriented services.

When documents related to the bidding process were unsealed, it was revealed they were excluded from bidding on the grounds their Google Apps For Government hadn't been certified.

Microsoft Deputy General Counsel David Howard seemed to take great glee in pointing this out in a Technet blog post, but conveniently missed key details which seem to give credence to Google's claims of preferential treatment for Microsoft.

While it was true Google Apps For Government had yet to be certified, it was based on another product called Google Apps Premier Edition which did have FISMA certification. Microsoft's service also didn't have FISMA certification when it was chosen by the Interior Department.

In fact, it didn't receive that certification until after Google Apps For Government did.

Although denying a claim by Google of reaching an agreement of any kind, the Interior Department has started the bidding process over, citing the length of time which has passed since the process was initially completed.

In a boilerplate statement sent to media outlets, Google said, "We're pleased with the outcome of our discussions with the Department of Interior, and look forward to the opportunity to compete for its business and save taxpayers money."

Written by: Rich Fiscus @ 29 Sep 2011 12:26
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  • Notcow

    Love Google. Sad seeing them constantly picked on.

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