iPhone 4S 32GB likely only costs $203 to build

iPhone 4S 32GB likely only costs $203 to build
UBM Techinsights, following the launch of the iPhone 4S yesterday, has released a preliminary cost breakdown for the device and have come up with a $203 cost for the 32GB version.

The component breakdown does not include R&D, shipping or other manufacturing expenses but does give analysts a reasonable way to work out how large a company's margins are on a certain device.

Most expensive, unsurprisingly, were the flash memory at $38, the retina display at $31 and the dual-core Apple A5 chip at $26.

The other "notable" improvements from the iPhone 4, namely the 8MP camera and the dual-mode (CDMA/GSM) radio cost Apple just $9 extra, combined.

For now, the company says the breakdown is preliminary and will be revised when the actual device ships on the 14th.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 5 Oct 2011 17:18
Apple iPhone 4S cost breakdown
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  • EzCeazy

    this phone is out of date!

    5.10.2011 18:47 #1

  • KillerBug

    It is an insult to Apple customers...but they are used to Apple giving them crap so they have developed a taste for it. If the thing had good specs, a good price, or even if it didn't have a deathgrip antenna, they would be furious!

    6.10.2011 00:47 #2

  • robertmro

    What you're paying for is superior industrial design, software and a plan for the future.
    It's worth more than just the nuts and bolts.
    If Apple were to sell it for less it would wouldn't be able to maintain their standards.
    If you can't afford it, that's your problem.

    7.10.2011 18:19 #3

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