CinemaNow adds 1080p films to catalog

CinemaNow adds 1080p films to catalog
Thanks to its Intel Insider tech, Best Buy's CinemaNow has now added 1080p HD films to its digital download catalog.

The films will be from Warner Bros. and Fox.

Intel Insider "is a hardware-based security technology in second-generation Intel Core processors, which is the fastest-shipping Intel product with more than 75 million units shipped to date," says THR.

Reads a statement from Warner Bros. Digital Distribution:

CinemaNow and Intel are making secure HD content distribution a reality on the personal computer.

Adds 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment:

The partnership with Intel and Best Buy's CinemaNow to bring HD digital downloads of our movies to the PC will expand our reach to millions of devices in the U.S. and potentially more around the world.

CinemaNow has 15,000 TV shows and movies, in standard definition.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 7 Oct 2011 2:50
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  • buxtahuda

    This seems a little late doesn't it?

    ~*Livin' Electronicallly*~

    7.10.2011 08:44 #1

  • Mr-Movies

    Why would we be putting this crap in a CPU? Way to go Intel, just another reason not to buy from them.

    7.10.2011 10:24 #2

  • LordRuss

    Wow... Yay... Hooray... Who the hell is CinemaNow? Until this article I had no clue that BestBuy was a partner & was even more clueless that Intel had anything video related on their cpu dies (if I'm even getting that spelling correct, again).

    And so long as I'm still guessing, this caca-capade also sounds like just another DRM solution to piss off movie viewers? Just another means so the big bad pi-pies don't steal their movies? Good luck with that one too. How long did this bit of tech take to make? 4,5+ years or so to make? It'll take that many weeks or so for the hackers to usurp it & it'll be business as usual... morons.

    Sun Tzu - (utterly, brutally, chopped up) You will NEVER control nature. Humans, despite their tendency to deny it, are part of nature, thus you will NEVER control them. Therefore, control the situation in nature in which you find yourself.

    7.10.2011 13:07 #3

  • Mr-Movies

    Both Intel and AMD have video embedded in some of their processors now.

    Your right about the DRM crap-o-la.... :D

    7.10.2011 13:23 #4

  • LordRuss

    Originally posted by Mr-Movies: Both Intel and AMD have video embedded in some of their processors now. You're definitely right. I knew about AMD some time ago, but felt their technology was somehow bent in the direction of something like the CUDA processing attributes (I know their not compatible, just making a bumbling juxtaposition here) in hopes for some kind of processing boost. Then after reading their white papers my cerebellum fused about 8 pages in, I pissed my pants & woke up in intensive care some 3 days later with no recall of what the hell I was reading.

    I "guess" these processors will be 'better' for proprietary cheap computers without expansion video cards; with the added bonus of DRM built in for Netnuts, BlockBusted & whatever else bloatware that comes preloaded on those systems, but is going to be like low/no sodium soup to the rest of system builders in the real world. We're going to pay top dollar to make damned sure that this technology ISN'T in there. IF indeed such a processor on either side of the cpu war is to exist.

    7.10.2011 16:33 #5

  • Mr-Movies

    Since a lot of the mainboards carry a video chip on them I really don't see the need to have them embedded in the processor even if they want to use some kind of hardware DRM. I know what you mean about white papers the only thing worst is the BS you get from quarterly reports.

    Just think of all the money wasted in DRM that most of the time just get circumvented anyway, and we pay for it.

    7.10.2011 19:50 #6

  • LordRuss

    Originally posted by Mr-Movies: Just think of all the money wasted in DRM that most of the time just get circumvented anyway, and we pay for it. I would say I'm speechless, other than to say, "yup!"

    7.10.2011 23:57 #7

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