Apple reports record iPhone 4S sales over first weekend

Apple reports record iPhone 4S sales over first weekend
More than 4 million of the new iPhone 4S have been sold already according to Apple. This matches a prediction on Friday by Bloomberg.

While sales have beat every other iPhone launch, it's important to keep things in perspective. The iPhone 4S was launched simultaneously in 7 countries, compared to just 5 for the iPhone 4.

In the US, this is also the first time the iPhone has launched on 3 of the 4 national carriers compared to just AT&T for previous models.

Apple is arguably facing bigger obstacles to selling iPhones today than ever before. Besides increased competition from other handset makers, the number of people who already have a smartphone has also increased dramatically.

In the past, there was an overwhelming public perception that Android vendors were playing catch up with Apple. Increasingly, people are questioning whether Apple is falling behind in areas like display size and processor speed.

Those may be valid concerns, but keep in mind Apple is still competing primarily with themselves. Any other company would be thrilled with the kind of success the iPhone 4S has had to this point.

Until sales say otherwise, the iPhone is still the number 1 smartphone in the world. The question is whether the competition is gaining ground.

Written by: Rich Fiscus @ 17 Oct 2011 10:56
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