C Spire Wireless inks iPhone 4S deal in U.S.

C Spire Wireless inks iPhone 4S deal in U.S.
Much to the chagrin of T-Mobile users, the fourth carrier in the U.S. to have the iPhone 4S is C Spire Wireless, a small regional carrier.

T-Mobile remains the only major carrier in the nation to not have access to the iPhone, with Sprint "betting the bank" to get the device this fall.

C Spire was formerly known as Cellular South and has over 1 million customers in just 4 states. T-Mobile, the smallest of the majors, has 33.6 million customers.

There was no other word on the deal except that C Spire says the phone will only be available to contract subscribers, not pay-as-you-go.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 19 Oct 2011 15:49
iPhone 4S C Spire
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  • Azuran

    I'm speculating that T-mobile is purposefully avoiding the iPhone.

    19.10.2011 17:19 #1

  • harhumph

    I think you are right, T-Mobile's parent company is doing everything they can to either sell off or kill off T-Mobile in the U.S. I have a feeling next year will be my last (partial) year with them as T-Mobile is going downhill very very fast. I hope Sprint internet is fast in Arizona!

    19.10.2011 18:07 #2

  • ZeusAV

    Well during their conference a few weeks ago, T-Mobile was publicly begging Apple to allow them to sell the iPhone so I'm sure that they want it. The problem is that Apple is in favor of the AT&T buyout and if T-Mobile were to get the iPhone, then it would probably bring them back to positive subscriber growth and make the merger look unnecessary.

    19.10.2011 18:20 #3

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