Chrome passes Firefox in market share, for a day

Chrome passes Firefox in market share, for a day
According to a note from research firm StatCounter, Google Chrome managed to pass Firefox as the second most used browser last Sunday.

Globally, Chrome took a 26.22 percent share compared to Firefox's 26.16.

The spike did only last a day, however, and Chrome is on pace to move to 24.85 percent share for the month of October, while Firefox falls slightly to 26.68.

Perhaps most notably is the fact that StatCounter says Internet Explorer has fallen under 40 percent for the first time ever, to 39.99 percent.

Just like with all browsers, the market share for Chrome is different on all continents. In North America it sits at just above 20 percent share while in South America it is just under 41 percent share.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 20 Oct 2011 14:24
Google Firefox Chrome Market Share
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    Regretably I'm already in the "process" of leaving Firefox as my primary browser. Even though I've used Firefox for years. It's early evolution was great and a much better replacement for MS iexplorer.
    Unfortunately Firefox's new strategy of releases and incompatibility with Google toolbar and problems with roboform, and problems with CPU usage... I am sadly forced into exploring other options.
    Google Chrome seems to be the best option at this point.

    21.10.2011 14:32 #1

  • Mr-Movies

    Unfortunately FireFox sucks these days so like you I'm using Iron instead (Chrome alternative). I can't say that it is great either as Avant browser is much better but it's two down falls is no plugin support for AdBlockPlus and no spell checker otherwise it rules over all other browsers.

    22.10.2011 04:38 #2

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