Study: More social network friends, less real close ones

Study: More social network friends, less real close ones
According to a new study from Cornell University, we may have more friends on social networks nowadays, but we have less real-life ones.

Matthew Brashears, a Cornell University sociologist, surveyed 2000 American adults and found that from 1985 to 2010, the number of close friends per person dropped from 3 to about 2.03.

The sociologist considered truly close friends as "the people you think of as your real confidants, your go-to people if you need something."

Brashears surveyed people from the online database TESS (Time-Sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences).

From those surveyed, 4 percent said they had no close friends, 48 percent said they had 1, 18 percent said 2 and 29 percent said more than 2.

While we have an increasing amount of friends on social networks, Brashears does not believe that is the reason for the decline. In fact, the sociologist believe that online friends provide social support and advice.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 8 Nov 2011 14:14
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  • DXR88

    part of the problem is the fact that a true friend is a once in a lifetime find these days. a good majority of so called friends will pat you on the back with one hand and slit your throat with the other.

    8.11.2011 14:28 #1

  • Morreale

    When I think about it, out of all my friends I have at least 10 close ones right now, so I must be doing pretty good or something :P

    ***\\\//****\\\ ****\\\****

    8.11.2011 14:29 #2

  • 1nsan3

    all of my friends are close ones, I dont use facebook, I do have a life.

    8.11.2011 15:20 #3

  • llongtheD

    Sounds about right to me, just like cursive or writing is dying off, so is verbal communication. The kids are learning to hammer the sh*t out of those keyboards though..

    If your fish seems sick, put it back in the water.

    8.11.2011 23:44 #4

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